Magic Holidays

There is a special topic in financial management concentrating on how value of money is directly dependent on the time factor. A financial manager while considering the feasibility of a new project mainly considers the present value of money as well as the future value of the money. The value of one rupee today will not be the same after a few years. It is a generally accepted fact that value of money never increases with passing time but it decreases. So while accepting a new project this fact has to be given a prime importance.

Panoramic group a trusted name in travel and tourism has introduced a totally interesting concept, which you will accept readily if you understand the simple logic in the above paragraph. We are offering you Magic holidays to enjoy 7 nights 8 days every year for next 25 years, that too in today’s price. So you will readily agree that our above timeshare product as well as the concept of Magic holidays is having a firm logic behind it. The timeshare products having good reputation through out the world are looked upon with a little different angle in India. The first question which comes to our mind is, will the company offering the product for such a long duration will be in existence for such a long period. The other doubt being how a choice of around 6000 resorts to select from, can be offered. To clear your queries we will provide a few details.

Basically Panoramic group is having its own properties, resorts, hotels in India, United States and New Zealand. Apart from this we are an affiliate of RCI having exclusive properties worldwide. So you will be having a wide choice of local as well as global destinations and properties to select from.  After buying Magic holidays or the timeshare holidays onetime, you will not be scared by growing inflation since you will be buying the product at today’s cost and enjoying the benefits for a long period of 25 years.  Proceeding still further we have split the cost into affordable EMI's which are inflation-free.

RCI, reputed name in timeshare companies, is having RCI holiday resorts in India. Get the  RCI membership  which will entitle you to get more information on RCI holidays and RCI resorts in India.

For more information on the magic of the Magical holidays you can visit our website  and simply fill an enrollment form. Our customer care executives will be in touch with you and provide all the information regarding Magic Holidays.