Goa: The Top Partying Destination for Indians

There is a popular saying about Goa, which goes as “The Party never ends in Goa”. Not just visitors in this city, but also Goans love partying. However, during the monsoon season this city becomes enigmatic and attracts far more visitors. It is one of the most sought after holiday destination for those individuals who love partying and have fun with their friends and family members. The off-season attracts comparatively lesser crowd, but you can always have loads of fun in this stunning city. If you love water sports, then you should not miss out visiting this enchanting place during Monsoon season.

Goa Beach
Goa is a huge place and features many beaches, so if you’re under an impression that you can travel entire Goa within a day, then you might be disappointed. There are many towns spread out at considerable distance. In order to make your trip memorable, you can take assistance of Magic Holidays, which is revered for offering pinnacle level quality holiday packages.

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Experience the Visually Appealing Beauty of Malvan

Malvan is a stunning Konkan town enclosed by magnificence of nature. Travellers around the globe visit here for bonding with seas, trees and picturesque surrounding. Surrounded with lots of beaches, serene backwaters and historic forts, Malvan is an ideal destination for youngsters and couples alike.

Following are some of the most popular places to visit in Malvan:

Sindhudurg sea fort: This fort was built in 1664 by the legendary warrior, Shivaji Bhosale. A handprint & footprint of this legendary warrior has been inscribed in one section of this fort. If you know some extra ordinary feats accomplished by Shivaji, then you would definitely wish to visit this great fort. It’s interesting to note that over 4000 mounds of iron have been used for foundation of this fort.
Sindhudurg Sea Fort
Chivla Beach: This beach is popular hangout among tourists across different parts of India who love to spend some tranquil moments with their close ones. Chivla beach stretches up to 1.5 kms, so you can view charming beauty of the sands & sea. During early morning and evening hours, you might come across fishermen on their fishing expedition.

Chivla Beach, Goa | Hotels and Resorts in Malvan
Chivla Beach
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Sunderbans: A Haven for Floral Reserves And Wildlife

The literal meaning of Sunderbans is ‘beautiful jungle’. The Sunderbans National Park is stationed at an extreme belt of the West Bengal state. This national park is particular famous for its humid freshwater forests. The conditions in the Sunderbans are ideal for incessant growth of mangroves, which happens to be world’s largest mangrove forest in the world. Here, you can find a splendid variety of flora and the most interesting aspect of this National Park is the presence of Royal Bengal Tiger. This place is enchanting and full of various attractions that attracts visitors year after year.

Royal Bengal Tiger
Floral varieties and the green pastures are principal attractions. This makes Sunderbans the largest delta on the face of Earth. As you enter deeper into the realms of Sunderbans, you’d experience a mystic beauty that is nowhere to be found in the world. The floral reserves are in abundance and so do other flowers in this national park.

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How To Easily Reach Kanha National Park?

Kanha national park is one of the biggest parks in Madhya Pradesh. It’s famous for being home for Tigers. This national park is home to a plethora of wildlife and plants, so tourists flock here year after year.

By Air: Situated at a distance of 200km from this national park, Jabalpur is the nearest airport that connects this city to New Delhi and Mumbai.

By Rail: Jabalpur station, situated at a distance of 175km from Kanha, is the most suitable option for visiting this national park.

By Road: Kanha national park is connected by road with Jabalpur, Nagpur, which is located a distance of 266kms and Raipur, which is located at a distance of 219 km.


During summer season, one can consider going for cotton clothing, but if you are planning to go on an overnight trip, then you should also get warm clothing because nights can be chilly. However, during your visit to Kanha National Park, you should strictly avoid loud and over-the-top dressing.

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