Three reasons why winter is the perfect season to holiday in India!

Do you want to take a break from your hectic work schedule and head to a holiday destination that excites you? Or are you craving for a sightseeing trip since a long time now? However, you might not want those stinky droplets of sweat roll down from your head and slip through the back of your neck as you visit places on your upcoming vacation. Nor would you like heavy rains pouring harsh over your month-long holiday trip, will you? So, giving those usual summer vacations a break and instead planning for a winter tour might save your trip from becoming a failure. Many would agree that winter is the perfect season to step out of your house and holiday at the most beautiful places, especially in India.
Here are three reasons why you should choose to holiday in India during the winters:

  • You will finally get a chance to wear your most stylish fur jackets that you had specially bought from a designer sale, but never got a real chance to use. Indian metropolitans are usually not that chilly, even during the winters. Therefore, thick woollens or leather jackets might come handy during the cold season, but not the fur.

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  • You can experience a snowfall if you decide to holiday in the hilly regions of India during the winters. The scorching heat of the sun and the heavy downpours might have been experienced by almost every Indian. Nevertheless, snow-bearing sky is not a common scenario in all the cities of this country. So, a trip to the cold Himalayan regions from the month of October to February can help you get clicked amidst the soft white snow.

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    • Even if you are not a snow-person, travelling during the winter season is more preferable. The weather being cool and pleasant all over India during winters, you will not be at a risk of getting yourself drenched in either sweat or rainwater.
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    Give these points a thought and you might end up making your holiday trip a great success!

    The Land of Joy: Mandarmani

    Mandarmani is a seaside resort village in the state of West Bengal, India. It lies in East Midnapore district and at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. One of the large and fast developing seaside resort village of West Bengal, Mandarmani is a paradise still unmarked with swarming tourists.
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    Distinguished for its longest drivable beach in India, Mandarmani is at a distance of 14 km from Chaulkhola, the village is one of the fastest developing tourist attractions of West Bengal. Called Mandarboni by the locals, this beachside village offers peaceful settings for tourists to unwind and spend some quality time away from crowd. The prime attraction of the village is the 13 km beach. It is said to be the longest drivable beach in India. Need to add a zing to your holidays – youcan opt for the various exciting water sports activities available like surfing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, ATV bikes and bungee trampoline, etc.
    To reach this picturesque destination, you can fly till – Dumdum Airport (NetajiSubash Chandra Bose Airport), Kolkatta, from there, the gorgeous United 21- Beach View, Mandarmani resort is 180 Kilometres in distance. But if trains are your favourite traveling medium then – Digha Railway Station should be your stop, which is hardly 27 Kilometres from the resort. And if you are the nature lover, in no rush & travelling by road drive along or catch a bus till Chaulkhola bus stop which happens to be 13 Kilometres from this amazing resort.
    At United 21- Beach View, Mandarmani Resort, you will experience villas with well-equipped modern amenities and spacious rooms which are immaculately furnished. The resort has a multi cuisine restaurant which offers delectable food which is served with excellent hospitality.
    Travel safe. Happy travelling.


    A Visit to Clouds: United 21, Chail

    The postcard perfect hill station & hiker’s paradise – Chail, is in every way a tourist haven. Positioned in the lap of the enchanting mounts of the Great Himalayas, this small hill station provides as an amazing destination for anyone & everyone! Located at an altitude of - 2,250 m, it is higher than Shimla and only 49 km away, and the hence provides a mesmerizing & twinkling sight of Shimla and Kausali at night.
    Surrounded by forests of chir pine and gigantic deodars only adds the touch of a fairytale charisma to the land. Having the highest cricket field and Chail Palace is amongst few of its attractions other than being nature’s abode. Well known for its architecture, the Chail Palace was built as summer retreat by the Maharaja of Patiala during the British Raj and still offers an amazing insight of lifestyle of people living in that era.
    To reach Chail through waving roads is a traveler’s delight: There is a direct roadway to reach Chail from Delhi. All you need to do is just take a bus till Kandaghat, which is 29km from the Chail. Deluxe and semi deluxe buses as well as cabs are very easily available to reach Chail from Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi. If however, you wish to travel along railroads: Kalka is about 86km from Chail and is the nearest station to reach Chail. Reaching Chandigarh railway station is another option to reach Chail, after Chandigarh you can opt for a cab, or a bus directly to the hillstation. If however you cannot spare more days in travelling: The nearest airport from Chail is Jubbar hati airport which is 45km from Shimla and also Chandigarh airport which is 125km.

    At United 21, Chail Resort, overviews the Sirmour Mountain ranges. With a surrounding of nature’s greenery and trees, you are bound to have an amazing and memorable time!
    Travel safe. Happy Travelling!

    In the luxury of wilderness: United-21 Wildlife Resort, Corbett

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    A place so rich in the charms of nature that it brings to soul the much required and rekindling freshness – Jim Corbett National Park. Established in the early years of 20th Century as Hailey National Park and later changed to its current name, this nature’s abode which is the first to come under the Project Tiger initiative also conserves many other rare and endangered species. Located in the beautiful district of Nanital in the state of Uttrakhand, this Tiger Reserve serves as a perfect spot for nature & wildlife lovers.
    Corbett Tiger Reserve is not open for tourists throughout the year; hence it is very important you make arrangements in advance. Indian monsoon time is usually the period when tourists cannot visit the place; however mid November till June second week is the most probable and pleasant time to pay the royal creatures a visit.

    Reaching this amazing place is fairly easy, convenient and has several comfortable options hence people of 
    belonging to any age group can travel to Jim Corbett. If travelling by air is your way then you can fly in the nation’s capitol, Delhi which is at a distance of 300kms from the national park and is the nearest international airport. If you prefer the rhythms of train then the station of Ramnagar is the nearest from where one can easily get a taxi or take a local bus to reach the destination. If however you wish to enjoy your travels to the fullest and are planning to take a road-trip, starting from Delhi (260Km) to Hapur-Murababad-Kashipur-(Via) Ramnagar shall be the best suited way indeed.

    At United 21 Resort, you will get the best of nature as well as luxury. The services and amenities provided here simply make your experiences richer and you get memories which are truly cherished for long time to come.
    Travel Safe. Happy Travelling! 

    As above, so below: Fun can be anywhere!

    Hello travel bugs! We always mention about how much fun you can have by going out, trying new adventure sports – paragliding, parasailing or trekking on some hills, etc. What if this time we actually say about going under, as in underground, of course? Oh yes we mean it – it is time to experience some underground adventures.
    In the northern region of South Australia, there is this incredible town of Coober Pedy. This city is actually the opal capital of the world and believe it or not, nearly 95% of the world’s opal supply comes from the local mines. Due to immense network of cozy & habitable underground tunnels more than half of the city’s population live underground caves & tunnels and hence due to which despite having population count reaching 3000 the town still looks deserted.
    Initially just the working miners made the tunnels habitable for themselves, eventually as the miners moved on, families shifted in while making the underground tunnels more cozy and livable. Smart planning & interesting living conditions further inspired this “Underground” lifestyle – not only these houses are well equipped with all the amenities one can imagine, several caves or tunnels also have doors & windows installed which open out to let ‘sun light’ & fresh air in. So you see it is not actually living like mole people – away from sun & breeze in fact very much opposite and charmingly civilized.

    Although most of these cave houses are private properties, people here are very hospitable. There are in fact hotels and motels specially made for all the interested tourists & travelers who wish to experience this amazing underground lifestyle. So next time whenever you feel low, just pack your bags & go underground literally!  

    Travel safe. Happy Travelling.

    Quick Fix For Packing Dilemma!

    Making travel plans can be quite a task specially if every other article you plan on keeping in your suitcase has some bothering habit – lotions may leak, necklaces tangle, ear rings always get mixed and charging cords & earphones always mesh up, etc. How about making your packing smarter and more efficient, not to mention more fun as well! Here are few quick fixes for your packing dilemmas:

    • Ear rings: try using old, big holed buttons to pair up & store your ear rings, instead of keeping them all in one box and running the chances of jumbling them.

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    • Chains & necklaces: all the delicate jewelry such as chains should be looped through straws and then fastened.
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    • Non Drip: While keeping liquids such as acetones, oils, shampoos, etc. fasten the caps of the bottles after adding a layer of plastic. The plastic further makes the bottle air-tight and in case of air-pressure or any other pressure, the solutions don’t leak.

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    • Ziplocked: it is always preferable to make up your mind about the clothes you will really need while traveling. This can help avoid carrying of extra clothes which you might never need or wear on your trip. Segregate night wear, inner wears, and beach wears in different ziplock bags. This makes more room in your luggage for shopping, souvenirs, etc.   
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    The main fun of traveling is when you travel light and hassle free. Make sure your travelling is for your amusement and not added trouble.
    Travel safe. Happy travelling!