Quick Fix For Packing Dilemma!

Making travel plans can be quite a task specially if every other article you plan on keeping in your suitcase has some bothering habit – lotions may leak, necklaces tangle, ear rings always get mixed and charging cords & earphones always mesh up, etc. How about making your packing smarter and more efficient, not to mention more fun as well! Here are few quick fixes for your packing dilemmas:

  • Ear rings: try using old, big holed buttons to pair up & store your ear rings, instead of keeping them all in one box and running the chances of jumbling them.

    Image courtesy: jewelrymakingjournal.com

  • Chains & necklaces: all the delicate jewelry such as chains should be looped through straws and then fastened.
Image Courtesy: jewellermagazine.com

  • Non Drip: While keeping liquids such as acetones, oils, shampoos, etc. fasten the caps of the bottles after adding a layer of plastic. The plastic further makes the bottle air-tight and in case of air-pressure or any other pressure, the solutions don’t leak.

       Image courtesy: selectstudyabroad.com

  • Ziplocked: it is always preferable to make up your mind about the clothes you will really need while traveling. This can help avoid carrying of extra clothes which you might never need or wear on your trip. Segregate night wear, inner wears, and beach wears in different ziplock bags. This makes more room in your luggage for shopping, souvenirs, etc.   
Image Courtesy: supercruzes.blogspot.com

The main fun of traveling is when you travel light and hassle free. Make sure your travelling is for your amusement and not added trouble.
Travel safe. Happy travelling!