As above, so below: Fun can be anywhere!

Hello travel bugs! We always mention about how much fun you can have by going out, trying new adventure sports – paragliding, parasailing or trekking on some hills, etc. What if this time we actually say about going under, as in underground, of course? Oh yes we mean it – it is time to experience some underground adventures.
In the northern region of South Australia, there is this incredible town of Coober Pedy. This city is actually the opal capital of the world and believe it or not, nearly 95% of the world’s opal supply comes from the local mines. Due to immense network of cozy & habitable underground tunnels more than half of the city’s population live underground caves & tunnels and hence due to which despite having population count reaching 3000 the town still looks deserted.
Initially just the working miners made the tunnels habitable for themselves, eventually as the miners moved on, families shifted in while making the underground tunnels more cozy and livable. Smart planning & interesting living conditions further inspired this “Underground” lifestyle – not only these houses are well equipped with all the amenities one can imagine, several caves or tunnels also have doors & windows installed which open out to let ‘sun light’ & fresh air in. So you see it is not actually living like mole people – away from sun & breeze in fact very much opposite and charmingly civilized.

Although most of these cave houses are private properties, people here are very hospitable. There are in fact hotels and motels specially made for all the interested tourists & travelers who wish to experience this amazing underground lifestyle. So next time whenever you feel low, just pack your bags & go underground literally!  

Travel safe. Happy Travelling.