Checklist Before Locking Up For A Vacation:

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We are in the midst of a festive season, and almost every second family is packing their bags and is headed out – to relatives, or family friends, or distant cousins, for a wedding or maybe just for a vacation. Perhaps you too shall be busy making a checklist for packing the important stuff, last minute purchases to be done, etc. How about making a checklist for your house safety while you are gone? Have you thought about the safety plan of your vacation as well as your house while you are not around? Most of the people tend to overlook this most important aspect, if you haven’t worry not for we are at your service:
  1. Stop the daily newspaper service: make sure to pause your newspaper deliveries or if possible, have any one reliable pick it up daily for you. Nothing like a bunch of yellowing newspapers at doorstep to announce your absence.
  2. Settle all bills & payments: if, your off time is clashing with your payment dates, make advance payments or else assign some reliable person with the amount & details of the payment. Don’t let the payment bills decorate your mailbox while you are gone.
  3. Dump or consume all perishable products: don’t forget to eliminate all the short life-cycled products in your refrigerator or in house as such so that firstly, your neighbors may live in breathable environment while you are gone and also you don’t get welcomed back by a house full of unthinkable stinks.
  4. Go Unplugged: it is a must to unplug your electronic appliances, especially the heavy ones like washing machine, your LCD, computer, etc. This is to avoid any possibility of short circuit while you are not around.
  5. House checks: withering plants, no evening lights, unchecked mails are enough to give anyone the idea of nill presence at your residence. In order to keep the enigma of your presence on, ask a reliable friend to check up on your place every other day, to put on lights in the evening & put them off in the morning. You can also set timer for lights & manage the light of your entire place even being miles away!
  6. Fix it: if you have any leaks in the water system of your house, or any broken window or latch which refuses to work make sure you get at least these problems fixed on priority before you leave for your vacation. Carelessness in such chores can lead to much bigger problems when you return, hence enjoy a relaxed vacation & fix the happiness of your break while fixing the broken things at your place.
Well, there is certainly no end to ways of safeguarding your house before leaving for long vacation, however the most important thing is to always make this checklist in a relaxed environment & start at least few weeks before noticing your daily chores. This way you will know the requirements & possible solution to the problems.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!

Why Destination Wedding?

We ask: Why not?
Well agreed, it’s a slightly new concept, but not all that unheard of. Often when the bride and groom belong to different cities, with mutual understanding & cooperation, and a third place is decided upon as per everyone’s convenience. Planning wedding in a different city has been in fact traditionally very common. So let’s give this old way a new twist. While deciding upon the city you wish to get married in here are few tips as to why you should heed to destination wedding:
  1. Special occasion with special people: Instead of inviting entire family tree, facebook friendlist and making your wedding as crowded as a local fair, it’s a better option to have lesser guests but people who actually make a difference – for the groom & the bride.
  2. Fun, family reunions: at wedding with selective guests, beautiful locations & planned arrangements, the results are smiles, laughter & memories to cherish forever. Close group of people at an auspicious & happy occasion get time to re-live memories, bond with people who they could not connect to because of time & distance.
  3. Fairytale of your life: there’s a saying – Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. Why not celebrate the romantic ‘Gala’ of your personal fairytale at a gorgeous spot on earth?
  4. Have a break, have a wedding: Imagine going to an awesome location, relaxed & peaceful, do some shopping, and in the evening – get ready for the wedding – a grand celebration at an amazing spot! Getting married or participating a wedding at such a place is fun, exciting and definitely an experience you will not want to miss.
  5. Save time: while being on for a destination wedding, the best thing is the schedule does not stretch more than three days to a week. Hence, once the ceremonies are performed, the feasts celebrated, the guests as well as the newly-wed couple have option to explore more of the destination or to travel on to more spots which are close or easily connected. Hence, the new couple can trail off to their honeymoon right away while other couples can plan their second trip of honeymoon as well.
  6. Easy on pocket: planning for a destination wedding definitely influences budget. While, the guest list shortens, time period is made just apt and venues along with travel options are booked, often if you opt for wedding planners or destination wedding spots, special discounts & services are provided to the families. Even without planners, often at bulk booking – tickets or hotel reservations provide with lavish discounts and complimentary services.
We can come up with way more reasons why you should probably get married at your coveted destination, but the fact is – nothing is actually enough when it comes to having a perfect wedding. Enjoy your big day, make the memories you’ll cherish forever.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!  

Match Made In Heavan – Married In A Paradise:

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This is the season of happiness, love & dreams. Wedding season, Christmas, New Years – just too many reasons to venture out of your homes! But it gets even better – how about combining the reasons, subtracting the expenses and multiplying fun! We are talking about Destination Weddings here.
A destination wedding in simple terms is one in which the wedding is hosted in a vacation-like setting, at a location to which most of the invited guests travel to and often stay for several days. The destination could be gorgeous beaches, lavish forts and palaces, amazing farmhouses, or full blossomed garden, snow covered fairytale locations. In short – any place can host a destination wedding, as long as the bride & groom are okay with it.
The concept of destination weddings is on the rise these days, not only abroad but in India as well. No doubt these weddings require a lot of planning and research but so does every wedding – even a simple one. Not only this, destination weddings provides a refreshing look at the customs & rituals; it’s a vacation plus wedding for all! And getting married in a paradise – who wouldn’t like it? Guests as well as the groom & bride not only get to enjoy the venue, wedding excitement just adds a zing to all the celebration!
But now let’s get down to business – coming to the budget, the main and very important aspect of every planning (wedding or vacation). You see, in a traditional wedding, the bride and groom’s families have to pay for all the setup, feasts, etc., then later for reception and again for the honeymoon. These all account for double & in fact more of the expenses actually required. But if you bring it all together – getting married at the favorite destination, bookings, traveling, feasts, you can actually save on a lot of cash plus most of the time. Many of the destination wedding planners also provide amazing discounts on the entire package which generally includes traveling, stay, wedding ceremonies, photography, feasts and much more.
So here is yet another reason to pack your bags and go to your dreamland – to get married!

Travel safe. Happy travelling!  

8 Signs Say You Need A Vacation!

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1. Working Overtime Is Your Life
All work and no play will most certainly lead to a burnout. Forget the long hours of your job and book some days off – go for the much needed rejuvenating vacation.

2. You're Nursing a Broken Heart
It is said that only time can heal a broken heart, but we know for sure that spending time with your best buddies is a sure shot to speed things along. Or just go for an adventure trip on your own, explore world, discover different people & customs. Plan a weekend getaway, right away!

3. You'd Give Anything For A Moment of Silence
Run away from anything that is disturbing your peace of mind. Silence is golden, try to achieve it – on a solo getaway – without the constant pinging of your Blackberry or laptop.

4. You've Been on Auto-Pilot for Years
You’ve been stuck in the same-old routine in effect, making you feel old and rather bored. Thankfully for you, it’s never too late to spin things around and create the life you’d really like to live. Start now and plan a vacation.

5. Your Idea of a "Vacation" Is a Trip To the Mall
If that last ‘trip’ you took was to the Grocery Mart or a Mall, you’re doing it wrong. Break your sedentary habits with an energetic trip that’ll pump up the life in you and your family. Go for the trekking you had been putting off since ages, mix some ‘nature & excitement’ ingredients in your life!

6. It's Been Years Since You've Left Your State
The world’s constantly changing, so why don’t you go & check it out! Get out of your comfort zone. Leave from the safe confines of your place and explore the cultures, food and more. Pick a place you’d like to check out and book your tickets at once!

7. You've No Time for Quality-Time
People are always so busy working, running a household, etc, that they forget the most important part – making memories. Don’t let that happen to you, be it a trip to your nearest hill station or weekend at a beach house, go and enjoy!

8. You've Haven’t Worked on Improving Any New Skills
Tackle new tasks and challenge yourself to keep your mind and body agile. Find something new you’d like to try and do it. Travel is very well known for providing that spark and opportunity for growth. So what are you waiting for now? Pack your bags & catch the next train!

Travel safe. Happy travelling!

Give Your Child Memories For Life, Give Your Child A Holiday

Holidays! It’s a word that brings happiness to us all! Taking a family vacation and venturing off to places – that you may know inside out or may be not at all. It is the time when often one’s most treasured memories are created. The sense of adventure and exploring nooks and corners together with your entire family can be an awesome bonding experience as well. In the fast paced life of today, it is very important to take out time for your children – and what better way to escape the rat race than to be off for holidays!

Wordsworth rightly said that ‘Child is father of Man’. The curiosity, sincerity and insatiable thirst to know more – holidays provide children perfect time to open up, learn & blossom in every way. It is definitely most commendable, also a healthy habit, to spend some sincere time with your children – to make them realize the value & importance of a family. It not only strengthens relationships, but also creates memories that last a long, long time.

Planning a vacation with kids definitely requires a very exciting and not to forget – careful planning! Make the trip while remembering how you were at your children’s age, & try to think like them. Did museums interest you, would you have liked to explore beaches more or mountains? To be honest, children find awe and inspiration in everything they see – a trait adults should definitely pick up from them while travelling or even in regular life. Think about all the possibilities of what you can teach to your kids while on vacation, which is actually endless. Be a kid while you are with kids – best way to make the most of your holidays. We understand exploring & excitement are definitely inseparable ingredients but responsibility should also be another part of it. While going out with children, especially under 10 years old, one has to be very vigilant at all hours.

This festive season, go and enjoy happy moments, gift your family memories which you will cherish for years to come.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!

Prepared for Wilderness

Every individual has a wish list – where they wish to travel. Some wish to explore his or her city, while others wish to explore the world’s farthest corners. No matter the places, you have always got to start somewhere in order to get where you wish to be. So here we are to help all those future travel bugs – how to prepare for the place of their dreams. Places cannot be generalized as each has its own charm and beauty, however, the genre of the landscapes can be generalized into mountains, forests or wilderness, beaches, etc.
In this blog, we will provide you basic information & requirements you should have for an overnight exploration of a wilderness – nothing like sleeping under the stars after a day of trekking amidst nature with friends.
  • Footwear: as trekking includes lots of walking and that too into the wilderness, you should choose footwear you are comfortable with & which provides good protection against bugs, ants, probably any small creature which can bite or hurt you while walking amidst bushes & provides support to your feet while walking on uneven grounds.
  • Socks: needless to say socks are mandatory while going for a trek. Cover your skin as much as you can to avoid bites and/ or of flora & fauna of the wilderness.
  • Clothing: jackets, tees & lowers as per the weather conditions. Ideally, trekking suits are the best suited for this activity. Choose waterproof & sun proof garments which are long sleeved – to keep most your skin covered. Carrying an extra pair of tee won’t be a bad idea.
  • Carry water: as much as you can. You never know about the availability of this natural & essential ingredient of your life in the wilderness.
  • Sunblock creams, medi-kit which can provide basics of first aid for cuts, burns, rashes, irritation, insect repellents, antibiotics & painkillers.
  • Caps & hats: you never know how unbearable sunrays or unpredictable rains may get.
  • Toiletries: carrying some tissue paper, towels, and disinfectants is an all time must have.
  • Torches, candles & match box: to find your way after dark or just illuminate your temporary stay amidst nature. Carrying one of the igniting & illuminating articles can help you through some dark times, literally.
  • Pocket Knife, a small sewing kit (optional), sleeping bags & camera, binoculars are other articles which you might find useful for your overnight or single day trekking.
  • Carrying maps, compass, pen and paper can be avoided if you are carrying your smart phone or Iphone.
Don’t forget to carry an extra plastic bag to store your disposed wrappers & packets, etc. – remember exploring the wilderness is good as long as you are careful enough to preserve it. Travel with an experienced person for the first time & at any given time, let your family know about your whereabouts.

Travel safe! Happy traveling.

Enjoy Safe Travelling with Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance – a very reliable and recommended way to ensure happy traveling. It is a rather matured concept in west, however gaining momentum now in India as well. Traveling doesn’t always go as per our planning, many times mishaps such as – loss of baggage or important documents such as passport, etc., and accident, unscheduled change in bookings, etc. tend to happen. Now not only are these affairs big spoilers in holidays, these also end up digging a further deep hole in pockets as well. You may end up paying double, or out of the way to get settled. In scenarios such as these, travel insurance proves as a great comfort.
But here’s more – not only loss of baggage or booking, travel insurance also covers health issues. Different insurance companies may have slightly varying age ranges, but on an average, if the age of the traveler is between 6 months to 75 years, the individual is eligible for a travel insurance cover. However, it is needless to say that there are many other conditions also to be fulfilled.
Here’s a list of things which can be & usually are covered under travel insurance:
  • Travel delays (When due to any reason you are unable to catch your flight, be it delay or health issues, the insurance company is liable to pay for the additional days’ stay.)
  • Loss or damage of baggage(In case of loss of bags, etc. companies reimburse the value of lost bags or items, also few companies pay cost for the “essential items” (such as underwear and toiletries) bought while waiting for luggage or insurance payment.)
  • Unscheduled cancellation or change in destinations. (When due to any unforeseen reason occurring before or during your trip, then the insurance companies will pay the loss of airline tickets are non-refundable, as well as hotel reservations, or other deposits.)
  • Medical Costs. (If while on trip you get in the dire need to visit a hospital, physician, or dentist, and there are payments required for the admission or consultation, the insurance company is liable to refund.)
  • Emergency medical transportation. (An extension on medical costs, when you are unable to travel without medical assistance, then many times not only the transportation but also your stay during the delay is paid by the insurance company)
Travel insurance is another convenience at your expense. To safeguard your dear ones, yourself & your belongings and enjoy a carefree trip, it’s highly recommended as well.

Travel safe. Happy Traveling!