Enjoy Safe Travelling with Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance – a very reliable and recommended way to ensure happy traveling. It is a rather matured concept in west, however gaining momentum now in India as well. Traveling doesn’t always go as per our planning, many times mishaps such as – loss of baggage or important documents such as passport, etc., and accident, unscheduled change in bookings, etc. tend to happen. Now not only are these affairs big spoilers in holidays, these also end up digging a further deep hole in pockets as well. You may end up paying double, or out of the way to get settled. In scenarios such as these, travel insurance proves as a great comfort.
But here’s more – not only loss of baggage or booking, travel insurance also covers health issues. Different insurance companies may have slightly varying age ranges, but on an average, if the age of the traveler is between 6 months to 75 years, the individual is eligible for a travel insurance cover. However, it is needless to say that there are many other conditions also to be fulfilled.
Here’s a list of things which can be & usually are covered under travel insurance:
  • Travel delays (When due to any reason you are unable to catch your flight, be it delay or health issues, the insurance company is liable to pay for the additional days’ stay.)
  • Loss or damage of baggage(In case of loss of bags, etc. companies reimburse the value of lost bags or items, also few companies pay cost for the “essential items” (such as underwear and toiletries) bought while waiting for luggage or insurance payment.)
  • Unscheduled cancellation or change in destinations. (When due to any unforeseen reason occurring before or during your trip, then the insurance companies will pay the loss of airline tickets are non-refundable, as well as hotel reservations, or other deposits.)
  • Medical Costs. (If while on trip you get in the dire need to visit a hospital, physician, or dentist, and there are payments required for the admission or consultation, the insurance company is liable to refund.)
  • Emergency medical transportation. (An extension on medical costs, when you are unable to travel without medical assistance, then many times not only the transportation but also your stay during the delay is paid by the insurance company)
Travel insurance is another convenience at your expense. To safeguard your dear ones, yourself & your belongings and enjoy a carefree trip, it’s highly recommended as well.

Travel safe. Happy Traveling!