Prepared for Wilderness

Every individual has a wish list – where they wish to travel. Some wish to explore his or her city, while others wish to explore the world’s farthest corners. No matter the places, you have always got to start somewhere in order to get where you wish to be. So here we are to help all those future travel bugs – how to prepare for the place of their dreams. Places cannot be generalized as each has its own charm and beauty, however, the genre of the landscapes can be generalized into mountains, forests or wilderness, beaches, etc.
In this blog, we will provide you basic information & requirements you should have for an overnight exploration of a wilderness – nothing like sleeping under the stars after a day of trekking amidst nature with friends.
  • Footwear: as trekking includes lots of walking and that too into the wilderness, you should choose footwear you are comfortable with & which provides good protection against bugs, ants, probably any small creature which can bite or hurt you while walking amidst bushes & provides support to your feet while walking on uneven grounds.
  • Socks: needless to say socks are mandatory while going for a trek. Cover your skin as much as you can to avoid bites and/ or of flora & fauna of the wilderness.
  • Clothing: jackets, tees & lowers as per the weather conditions. Ideally, trekking suits are the best suited for this activity. Choose waterproof & sun proof garments which are long sleeved – to keep most your skin covered. Carrying an extra pair of tee won’t be a bad idea.
  • Carry water: as much as you can. You never know about the availability of this natural & essential ingredient of your life in the wilderness.
  • Sunblock creams, medi-kit which can provide basics of first aid for cuts, burns, rashes, irritation, insect repellents, antibiotics & painkillers.
  • Caps & hats: you never know how unbearable sunrays or unpredictable rains may get.
  • Toiletries: carrying some tissue paper, towels, and disinfectants is an all time must have.
  • Torches, candles & match box: to find your way after dark or just illuminate your temporary stay amidst nature. Carrying one of the igniting & illuminating articles can help you through some dark times, literally.
  • Pocket Knife, a small sewing kit (optional), sleeping bags & camera, binoculars are other articles which you might find useful for your overnight or single day trekking.
  • Carrying maps, compass, pen and paper can be avoided if you are carrying your smart phone or Iphone.
Don’t forget to carry an extra plastic bag to store your disposed wrappers & packets, etc. – remember exploring the wilderness is good as long as you are careful enough to preserve it. Travel with an experienced person for the first time & at any given time, let your family know about your whereabouts.

Travel safe! Happy traveling.