Green City, Clean City

Don’t you dream of going to a place which is laden with natural beauty, trim and sparkling surroundings, and convenience at your command - paints a serene picture in your mind doesn’t it? It’s a feast for your eyes and soul. So why not make a deliberate attempt, to let the beautiful places you visit maintain their charm in every possible manner?

Often, people while travelling to distant locations, tend to follow all the rules and regulations regarding the local authorities. However, the same people, travelling within their own cities and country often overrule many such rules - especially the ones subjected to the cleanliness guidelines. Charity begins at home - a truly said proverb. We prefer distant lands because they have harsh orders against littering and spoiling of public properties, we must also implement the same seriousness at our places as well, only without a strict law waiting to be implemented against the culprits.

Only when everyone is serious about their contribution towards the improvement of the society- starting from keeping the city clean - be it a tourist spot or a local city, every little step shall provide a positive and visible impact. Help in keeping a chic place elegant also, endeavor to improve places where you can - by ofcourse not littering, using eco friendly products and being constantly aware.

Keeping your surroundings clean is no wonder a very effective way to beautify a place, but also a very powerful step for saving and conserving the animals around. We never know what negative effect our waste product disposal is creating in the ecosystem. While traveling, let’s make our world a better place to live in and give our hosts a reason to invite us back - happily.
Travel safe. Happy travelling.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

The initial two words might seem like a paradox to travelling at first, but if you make some wise and simple decisions - it is not an impossible thing to achieve after all. Yes, traveling great distances should not necessarily take a toll on your health or drain your pockets either. This happens, because usually, we lose focus and tend to overlook the expenses and food habits. While on a shorter holidays things would not make a difference, in the long run and frequent travels though, you may feel the consequences of such carelessness taking big chunk off of your fitness and savings.
Hence, no matter if you are traveling or are at home; make few basic guidelines an absolute must for yourself:
  • Have your breakfast like a king; get up at a convenient hour- when you don’t have to rush to catch the bus for next stop. Enjoy a hearty meal, full of juices, toasts, honey, milk, fruits, eggs, etc. as per your disposition.
  • But make sure, you eat while keeping your traveling mode in your mind - please do not over indulge in food, if you have tendency for motion sickness.
  • Always carry some nutrition bars for those unscheduled hunger pangs.
  • Try and walk wherever you get an opportunity. It provides excellent exercise and gives your body a nice work through.
  • Same rule applies to climbing stairs, however, if you have a long day ahead maintain your activities as much as your body can endure.
  • Try to replace junk food with healthy (and tasty) food while traveling.
  • Drink lot of water and coconut water while travelling in tropics, it helps maintain your blood pressure and blood sugar in check.
Keeping a journal of your everyday expenses is a very efficient way of keeping a tab on your spending habits. You will know what you spend mostly on and what expenses can be avoided in near future. Also, keeping a journal shall give you insights of exactly how lavishly you need to take up the rest of your travel as well - hence spend wisely and carefully.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.

Mind Your Language!

Amongst the list of mandatory requisites while traveling, we have often strained on the local language aspect. While it is not absolutely necessary to learn a new language every time you plan to take a hike to a distant city, it is in fact at least recommended to have a basic understanding of the local culture.
So let’s say, you are planning to stay at a destination for a good amount of time, it is only convenient if you learn the basics - greetings, asking for something, ordering food, buying stuff and asking for directions. Yes, learning few words of a foreign language does not make you an expert, but it becomes very convenient and as you’ll find - welcoming. Locals often tend to be more helpful and caring when they see any tourist making an attempt to know their local city & language with a better effort. The broken language you’ll manage to utter, will not only generate warmth in the heart of your hosts, but will also be a source of entertainment for them. Also, there are many places on globe, where people may not have heard any of the languages you speak. In such scenarios, the basics you know will at least get you through with little efforts.

Many times the sign languages you may use to describe any of your requirements may not come at par with your host’s understanding. Being from different backgrounds, for example, when you are trying to signal for water, your host may inculcate it as liquor, or maybe anything else. Hence, even sign language can take you only as far as remotely possible.

There are many times, when you don’t have enough time on your hands as to indulge in learning about a foreign language, and even if you do – since you’ll be new at it, mistakes are bound to happen. Hence, the best option is to carry a language translating dictionary. In today’s tech savvy world, there are many apps and websites which can aid you with the translation. Hence, next time when you go traveling, make an attempt to learn new stuff - it will add another color to your travel journal.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.

Bon Appétit!

One of a much understated problems while traveling to a completely new place is often the edible part of the journey - the food. Often times, a completely different country with a foreign language and a strange culture – takes time to settle to. Even a small action of choosing a proper meal becomes quite a task in such times. ‘What to eat’ becomes the most sought after question as people often fear that due to aforementioned barriers, the food they shall receive on the platter won’t exactly be what they ordered or expected. However, with little endeavor, you can totally get the better off of the situation.

First and foremost, before you set out for your adventure, performing a little research on common meals, local favorite foods and specialties of the place can do wonders. That ways, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you order an explored cuisine. And you can also mention any changes you require in your food - helps if you are allergic to certain food ingredients or if you merely want to spice things up in your own manner! Another way to be food smart is to check with the locals. The hotel or resort where you are staying, the friendly locals you come across while sightseeing or your travel guide book (which is indeed a very handy book to carry) may provide insights on the food prospects of the place - take pictures or make a list.

However, you must be careful while placing an order for your food, articulations and different pronunciation may completely change meaning of what you say. Hence, while doing all the background check, it normally comes to better use if you also see how to pronounce the name. In case you find yourself in the predicament of facing a difficult name, you can rely on technology of your latest gadgets - internet, a word which everyone understands. Opt for the most sought after food places while also keeping an open mind for unexplored stops.
Eat healthy. And relish what you eat - Bon Appétit!
Travel safe. Happy traveling!

Travel More In Less

We all face a daunting question while planning a holiday – ‘Would love to travel to place XYZ, but the travel fares are too expensive.’
In current trends, where expenses are sky rocketing, availability of seats is reducing ever so steadily and fuel expenses & taxes are taking a hike - how indeed can one even think of traveling for leisure, without feeling a pang of heavy expenses draining his savings? The one word answer to this question is - flexibility.
If you wish to travel, and don’t want to spend a fortune doing so, you truly need to be flexible in various manners:
  • Choosing destinations - first and foremost, you should be flexible in your choice. Start with travel spots which are closer to your place. The close destinations can be easily managed with respect to time, finances and transportation. If not close by, select places which are more convenient to reach - tours packages. Perform a thorough background check of the package and if it suits you well, then only enroll yourself in one.
  • Choosing time for traveling - yes you need to be very flexible with this one. There are various destinations all across the globe, which have special discounts for traveling or visiting during a specific time of the year. Explore such places and also do a research in terms of what is the best time to visit these places. Airfares reduce and various other facilities like stay and extensions are available at dirt-cheap rates during certain durations.
  • Advance planning - this one definitely helps! Planning and booking for flights & hotels in advance have a lot of benefits indeed. You not only save on airfare but also get time to compare and bargain other expenses as well.
  • Wait for it - well, many times being the last one to book tickets also has its own perks. Since filling a flight before departing always curbs down the expenses of airway companies, many times they provide special offers for last few available seats. You need to be alert for such offers, these are last minute pop ups with varying options. Although, opting of this option means you need to wait till last moment and ofcourse there is no guarantee of a fixed amount that can be saved. Nor is there any guarantee that there will be seats available at discounts - so yes this one is a dicey option unless you keep a proper track of airway companies and their regular offers.
It is said that if you wish to do something, you shall find a way and if not, you will find an excuse. Traveling is no longer dirt cheap and in order to fulfill your travel bucket list you must start early on it and plan wisely.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.

Travel Companions Can Make Your Holiday A Fun Event:

Traveling is an undoubtedly enlightening experience. Some travel to relax, while some travel to explore. Whatever be the purpose of roving onto various lands, one factor which influences travel plans majorly is the travel buddy accompanying you. Nowadays, many have also started venturing out alone, just enjoying the company of their pets!

 Whether you are a lone explorer, or love tagging your special someone along, or maybe you like travelling with your friends and family - kids and pets inclusive; you can see how each option changes the bigger picture in your mind.
Similarly, travel companions also come with their own set of challenges and travel habits. Here are few useful tips - if you are traveling with children and/or pets:
  • Before venturing out, make a list of basic stuff your children or pets require. Like favourite toys (ask your children to choose one in order to avoid over bagging with toys), juices, any other important articles - glasses, pumps etc.
  • Include first aid units - band aids, antiseptic liquids, antiseptic gels and creams, pain reliever sprays and antibiotics for cold, fever and exhaustion.
  • Make sure you carry enough drinking water. It is better to carry water with you then to commence search for it at dire hour of need.
  • Children and pets often do not realize hunger or thirst amidst enjoyment. At such time, it is important that someone should always keep a tab on their hunger and thirst requirements.
  • Keep healthy snacks with you in spare. Although, wherever possible, enjoy hearty meals but for those times between meals, be ready with treats - biscuits, wafers, rolls, homemade sandwiches, etc.
  • Always keep checking activities of your children and pets. It doesn’t take long for them to get distracted in a new place and head after their heart’s desires.
  • In case of checking in hotels and resorts, make a query in advance with respect to bringing a pet along, since many of hotels and resorts do not allow animals.
  • However, few hotels and resorts have special services for pets, which are subjected to change with respect to kind of pet one is bringing along. There are additional charges for certain facilities - make sure you get a clear picture of their services and rates.
 Ofcourse, no matter whom you are traveling with - safety is the one definite piece you need to tag along always. So kindly make sure, that you travel safe and as per the rules and guidelines of your transportation and destination. Always arrive well in time for trains or flights or buses to sort out your seat and baggage without much hassle and delay.
Travel safe. Travel happy.

The Travel Wardrobe:

The best thing about being a traveler is that, you do not belong to any particular faith. Just like your travels, your destinations are inspired by a longing to see and learn new things. All that curiosity to explore is highly appreciated, however friends, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from but where you are headed. There is an age old saying which everybody is much familiar with:
When in Rome, do what the Romans do.
These wise words are indeed summarizing our intent pretty well. Often while providing our services we recognize a very common oversight done by most of the tourists and travelers- selection of their travel wardrobe. Although the world is now but a global village, still we can find cultures and beliefs changing every few hundred kilometers. Hence we suggest when you research about your destinations and tour plans and packages; you should also look into the weather conditions and cultural background of the place. There are so many locations which have high percentage of religious places, holy rivers or grounds which the locals have high sacred connections to. At these destinations, it is usually, absolutely acceptable to dress up in latest versions of westernized apparels at market places and hotels, although, while coming to the cherished holy places a certain dress code is usually required to follow. Amongst various mandatory guidelines people often come across such as keeping surroundings clean, use of camera or mobile phones being prohibited and at certain places having a proper dress code is very common. Almost all of the traditional and religiously mystical lands always follow a proper and decent dress code, with varying intensity.
At few religious places, the only requirement is to cover your head (with any stole or scarf), while at certain other places there is a very strict rule, where no sleeveless or shorts are allowed. Few tourists sometimes also tend to get offended at such requisites, and may even consider the place or people conservative. However, it must be remembered that rules and guidelines at any travel spot, are always created for harmonious reasons- to let tourists enjoy exploring places, different from their own roots yet sustaining the original charm and aura of the place as well. Just as a swimsuit is appropriate for beaches, gowns for lounges and your pretty LBD for that after hour’s party, dressing up smartly for the destination you are headed to- would be considered a wise decision.

Travel-appropriate dressing not only is a requisite for places but of the kind of traveling you are undergoing as well. Being travel conscious may not only save you from any embarrassments, it may as well save your time and effort put in while traveling to the destination. Be trendy, wear comfortable clothes, but do keep in mind the culture and weather conditions of your destination. After all no one likes a spoiler in their holidays, especially if it’s hinting on their wardrobe.
Happy Traveling! 

Ooty – One of India’s best hill-resorts nestled in the Nilgiris

Ootacamund, or Ooty as this hill-station is popularly known, is one of India’s most popular vacation spots and is known for its cloud-touching spots and untouched beauty. Located in the Nilgiris (“Blue Mountains”), this place is located 7,347 feet above sea level and was founded by the British in the 19th Century. With rolling hills, natural reserve forests, extensive tea gardens and eucalyptus plantations, Ooty is a great place to visit because of its sheer beauty and charmingly cool weather.

This hill-resort is easily accessible and one can travel to Ooty by air, by train or via road ways by hopping on a bus or driving down in a personal vehicle. The closest airport to Ooty is the Coimbatore Airport and regular flights from Mumbai and Chennai are available. By train, one needs to board the Nilgiri Express from Chennai and then take the The Nilgiri Mountain Railway train to the destination from Mettupalayam. KSRTC buses and well-connected roadways make this hill-resort accessible by public or private vehicles.
Like every hill-resort, Ooty has its own sights and sounds to offer and these make this beautiful place a worth-while visit. Some of the best places to experience in Ooty include the Government Botanical Gardens which were opened back in 1847, boasting 650 species of plants and trees spread over 22 hectares, and the Doddabetta Peak that towers at 2,623 meters. The Annamalai Temple, the Rose Gardens, the Tea Factory and the Pykara Falls are also places one must visit in Ooty.

Besides being a paradise on earth, Ooty is popular for its tea. The extensive tea plantations and the Tea Factory are a great place to unwind and experience the best of this hill-resort. Yet another interesting sight is the Pine Forest, reminiscent of those in northern India. A walk through these forests is advised and visitors are guaranteed to enjoy a lovely climate and a splendid environment.

For accommodation we recommend a stay at Panoramic Group United-21 Paradise to enjoy the pleasing and picturesque places of Ooty in a luxurious way. For more details on the resort check