The Travel Wardrobe:

The best thing about being a traveler is that, you do not belong to any particular faith. Just like your travels, your destinations are inspired by a longing to see and learn new things. All that curiosity to explore is highly appreciated, however friends, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from but where you are headed. There is an age old saying which everybody is much familiar with:
When in Rome, do what the Romans do.
These wise words are indeed summarizing our intent pretty well. Often while providing our services we recognize a very common oversight done by most of the tourists and travelers- selection of their travel wardrobe. Although the world is now but a global village, still we can find cultures and beliefs changing every few hundred kilometers. Hence we suggest when you research about your destinations and tour plans and packages; you should also look into the weather conditions and cultural background of the place. There are so many locations which have high percentage of religious places, holy rivers or grounds which the locals have high sacred connections to. At these destinations, it is usually, absolutely acceptable to dress up in latest versions of westernized apparels at market places and hotels, although, while coming to the cherished holy places a certain dress code is usually required to follow. Amongst various mandatory guidelines people often come across such as keeping surroundings clean, use of camera or mobile phones being prohibited and at certain places having a proper dress code is very common. Almost all of the traditional and religiously mystical lands always follow a proper and decent dress code, with varying intensity.
At few religious places, the only requirement is to cover your head (with any stole or scarf), while at certain other places there is a very strict rule, where no sleeveless or shorts are allowed. Few tourists sometimes also tend to get offended at such requisites, and may even consider the place or people conservative. However, it must be remembered that rules and guidelines at any travel spot, are always created for harmonious reasons- to let tourists enjoy exploring places, different from their own roots yet sustaining the original charm and aura of the place as well. Just as a swimsuit is appropriate for beaches, gowns for lounges and your pretty LBD for that after hour’s party, dressing up smartly for the destination you are headed to- would be considered a wise decision.

Travel-appropriate dressing not only is a requisite for places but of the kind of traveling you are undergoing as well. Being travel conscious may not only save you from any embarrassments, it may as well save your time and effort put in while traveling to the destination. Be trendy, wear comfortable clothes, but do keep in mind the culture and weather conditions of your destination. After all no one likes a spoiler in their holidays, especially if it’s hinting on their wardrobe.
Happy Traveling!