Timesharing at Archetypal of Class - United-21 Sagar Kinara, Malvan

Timesharing holidays, in India, is very popular, especially when the travel is preferred in a group with family and friends. A group means a lot to visit and do so this can't be done by booking separately at hotels, thus timesharing for vacationers is beneficial from budget pricing and ample membership benefits, just one-time investment opens the travel treasure box.

With this in mind, Magic Holidays, with an aim to serve travelers with experiences of exotic places in budget, brings you a preferred family hotel United 21 Hotel Sagar Kinara, the only budget family hotel in Malvan. Magic Holidays' members extensively gain from planning a future vacation with easy transferability, inflation free holidays, no extra exchange fees, competitive pricing, low maintenance cost and in-house travel arrangements. For more, please visit http://www.magicholidays.info/property_details/sagar-kinara-malvan. It is perched amidst some of the best beaches of the Konkan belt near to Goa state and from where the window opens to the famous Sindhudurg Fort on the beach at Somvar Peth.

Double Deluxe Room in Malvan
Located conveniently in the center of the Malvan market near amazing sea views. The main significance of the location is that Malvan jetty just walkable distance away from the hotel, from where you can take a ferry to witness the jaw-dropping architecture of the massive island fort - the Sindhudurga Fort, built by the great Shivaji Maharaj to safeguard his empire from enemies from the sea. Other activities like water sports are also available and nearby to this hotel.
Malvani Thali
United 21, Sagar Kinara is an ideal choice for avid travelers who just don't want to stop experiencing life. From here, you can see and do a lot of activities like taking a dip in the blue ocean and its fun and safe riding the waves of the Malvan beach. Go snorkelling to explore the rich underwater life, be amazed at the beauty of the rock gardens and savour the world famous Malvani cuisines.

While lodging at this wonderful property, guests can enjoy car park, bar, restaurant, laundry service, room service. You can best reach Malvan by taking any Konkan railway train that begins from Mumbai. Other long distance trains can also take you to Malvan. The nearest airport to Malvan is at Goa and Mumbai.

When You Have Holiday Magic Wand...Then!

Magic Holidays, a reasonable timeshare concept, is from where your personal magic holiday comes alive. It is one of the best timeshare membership programs with a heart and mind for great entertainment allowing spectacular savings and fabulous holidays. Indian travellers often opt for owning timeshare family vacations with an idea to invest time and money to spend a quality time the loved ones.

We, through our exclusive holiday programs, offer timely bookings of our owned and affiliated properties, affordable vacation plans that fits your budget with so many options to choose from, ensuring a memorable travel experience.

Listed below are the advantages of our programs and all the reasons to join our world of travel and leisure:

We have a whole pool of exotic locations waiting for you to jump in at every part of the globe. Our global expanse, lets you enjoy dream vacations to awe-inspiring destinations spread across 103 countries, with accommodation at 6,500+ resorts worldwide available.

Our easy transferability option lets you transfer your timeshare holidays with anyone you desire. If you happen to transfer or gift your holidays then you can just do it via an e-mail or a call.

Our inflation free holiday schemes save you a lot. This is because, when you own a holiday at a certain price, it will remain at that price or increase even when the value decreases in the future.

There is no exchange fees when you want to swap your owned timeshare holidays as you decide to change your destination for a particular time or in the future at our own properties.

Our pricing is the most competitive available in the leisure market. All-inclusive packages really make a difference with no hidden cost, everything is transparent right from the time of booking.

As our properties are well-maintained there is low maintenance cost that make our packages unmatched.

We also provide in-house travel arrangements as and when required on request.

Magic Holidays currently provides its services to a substantial part of the timeshare-using population in India. With a customer-centric approach, Magic Holidays also allows payments with EMIs, providing unmatched flexibility in creating one-of-a-kind vacation plans. Please take a virtual tour at http://www.magicholidays.info/ and also http://www.magicholidays.info/our-product-services/advantages.

Experience Unique Places with Benefits, This is Magic Holidays

Magic Holidays, owned by Panoramic Group of Companies, a global hospitality innovator, is determination and envisioned to excel in catering the global tourists. We are offering the best-ever customized holiday packages at today's prices to give you not just a trip but an experience that you would love to share with everyone.

Magic Holidays, affiliated with Resort Condominium International (RCI), the world's largest timeshare vacation exchange network, is the first timeshare product designed specially for Indians and NRI Indians for planning vacations in India and abroad. With over 20 years of experience, we at Magic Holidays have religiously developed the timeshare segment in the Indian Travel & Tourism industry by allowing a customized form of shared ownership of our properties with members or on a right-to-use basis by members for a specific time or season for vacations.

Accommodation in Thailand | Condos for rent in Phuket & Pattaya
Accommodation in Thailand
Family vacations are often chosen in Indian and after carefully studying this, Magic Holidays have introduced a simplified version of timeshare vacations for Indian families for enjoying some of the most fascinating holiday destinations in India and aboard. Our properties ranging from resorts, hotels to condominiums are located at the most memorable places in over 103 countries around the world. Some of our many Indian properties are located at Hyderabad, Jaipur, Shirdi, Malvan, Chail, Corbett, Bhimtal, Mahableshwar, Alleppey, Kodaikanal, Ooty, etc., at locations you will treasure ever.

Best Resorts in Bhimtal | Accommodation in Bhimtal | Resorts in Bhimtal
Best Resorts in Bhimtal
Magic Holidays' members extensively gain from planning a future vacation with easy transferability, inflation free holidays, no extra exchange fees, competitive pricing, low maintenance cost and in-house travel arrangements. What makes 'Magic Holidays' different from others is that we offer packages by understanding and anticipating the customers' requirements and professional assistance throughout the process.

All of our packages are customer-centric enabling value-for-money deals for the customers in these recession times. Holiday packages tailor-made by us range from 3 years to 25 years depending upon the customer's choice. A package comes with many customer-oriented features like easy extension of some holidays from one package to another, pre-pone postpone of holidays in a year as desired. For more, please visit http://www.magicholidays.info/ and http://www.magicholidays.info/membership.

Recept Rhythms of Nature with Magic Holidays at Ooty

A mystical place whose natural essence has allured everyone that gets in its shelters is Ooty in Tamil Nadu state of south India. It has earned the 'Queen of Hills' name to form into a scenically pleasing and refreshing place in every season.

Visiting Ooty is like resting in the lap of mother nature. This 'Queen' (place) unveils its resonating charm adorned with lush green carpets and magic-potion like waterfalls. We have owned and partnered with many luxurious hotels and resorts at carefully researched destinations to choose from to give you an experience that will stay with you forever and yes, in your budget and flexible options. Indulge your senses with stunning scenery and one-of-a-kind hill station exploration with our popularly-owned budget resort United-21 Paradise, serving you impeccably.

United-21 Paradise Ooty
United-21 Paradise Ooty
The variety of opportunities and activities in India calls for a different gist of holidays for the people with varied demands and needs. For this Magic Holidays, a timeshare concept, comes into picture. Our Ooty resort allows you to have Magic Holidays' membership benefits and privileges for fully covered vacation ownership with exquisite features like easy transferability, flexible options (Property exchange, pre-pone or postpone holidays, etc.) and other in-house facilities. So, whenever you feel like going on a holiday with your loved ones, there is a home-like place reserved for you in Ooty.

All the famous attractions are located very close to this resort, which offers great convenience for its guests wanting to go sightseeing in this region.

Top Sightseeing Spot in Ooty
Top Sightseeing Spot in Ooty
Through our United-21 Paradise resort, we provide you with all-inclusive holiday packages that can be customized as per required. With our 'Your home, our home' approach, we have designed this place with amenities including, 24 hours hot water, Room heater, guide service for sightseeing/trekking laundry, doctor on call. This can also be availed on easy EMIs as we promise to make your holidaying at ease from every angle.

Please take a virtual visit at http://www.magicholidays.info/property_details/united-21-paradise-ooty

United-21 Citymark, Gurgaon Appeals Timesharing in India

The timeshare concept wherein you own a property or villa or apartment to use for a week or longer on a holiday resort or hotel for a period of time you have registered for. This business line was not easy earlier in India as there were many limitations for members you want to travel different places. Understanding across the expanse of membership needs, we at Magic Holidays have uniquely designed holiday timesharing that allows you to easily exchange your owned domestic holidays with another resort or hotel listed with us, if you wish to change a travel plan.

In this way, we aim at providing members a different experience every time with an array of membership options to choose from opening to the world. One of our many milestones in the timesharing journey can be witnessed at United-21 City Mark, an oasis in the busiest financial and commercial hub, Gurgaon. United-21 City Mark is a 4-star luxury hotel, known for its its elegance, located in the heart of technologically advanced Gurgaon city, serving with exquisite quality and the members can enjoy all privileges here.

United-21 Citymark – Gurgaon features a bar/lounge and a coffee shop/cafe amongst its general areas. An outdoor swimming pool persuades many water lovers to make this their residence for a stay in Gurgaon. A sauna can be found on-site and, along with a spa tub and a steam room. You could use one of the 5 meeting rooms for your events.
United-21 Citymark – Gurgaon
United-21 Citymark – Gurgaon
With this, you are sure to find the ideal place to host your meeting in United-21 Citymark – Gurgaon. Three banquet and conference halls, and a board room are perfect for social events, wedding receptions or business meetings with accommodation for 20 to 600 people, for small business meetings to large conferences.

Staying at this marvellous hotel is a complete social package that is also very close to popular attractions such as Unitech Cyber City, Medanta, Leisure Valley and Kingdom of Dreams. For more, please visit www.magicholidays.info. Take a virtual tour at – http://www.magicholidays.info/property_details/united-21--citymark-gurgaon