When You Have Holiday Magic Wand...Then!

Magic Holidays, a reasonable timeshare concept, is from where your personal magic holiday comes alive. It is one of the best timeshare membership programs with a heart and mind for great entertainment allowing spectacular savings and fabulous holidays. Indian travellers often opt for owning timeshare family vacations with an idea to invest time and money to spend a quality time the loved ones.

We, through our exclusive holiday programs, offer timely bookings of our owned and affiliated properties, affordable vacation plans that fits your budget with so many options to choose from, ensuring a memorable travel experience.

Listed below are the advantages of our programs and all the reasons to join our world of travel and leisure:

We have a whole pool of exotic locations waiting for you to jump in at every part of the globe. Our global expanse, lets you enjoy dream vacations to awe-inspiring destinations spread across 103 countries, with accommodation at 6,500+ resorts worldwide available.

Our easy transferability option lets you transfer your timeshare holidays with anyone you desire. If you happen to transfer or gift your holidays then you can just do it via an e-mail or a call.

Our inflation free holiday schemes save you a lot. This is because, when you own a holiday at a certain price, it will remain at that price or increase even when the value decreases in the future.

There is no exchange fees when you want to swap your owned timeshare holidays as you decide to change your destination for a particular time or in the future at our own properties.

Our pricing is the most competitive available in the leisure market. All-inclusive packages really make a difference with no hidden cost, everything is transparent right from the time of booking.

As our properties are well-maintained there is low maintenance cost that make our packages unmatched.

We also provide in-house travel arrangements as and when required on request.

Magic Holidays currently provides its services to a substantial part of the timeshare-using population in India. With a customer-centric approach, Magic Holidays also allows payments with EMIs, providing unmatched flexibility in creating one-of-a-kind vacation plans. Please take a virtual tour at http://www.magicholidays.info/ and also http://www.magicholidays.info/our-product-services/advantages.