Gift Yourself A Rejuvenating Holiday!

The best way to make someone happy is to gift them something that they have always wanted. It can be anything that might bring a smile to their face. And, we as adults do not mind putting in the best of our efforts to brighten our dear ones’ day. But, what about your own self? What are you planning to do to make yourself happy? Do think about gifting something special to yourself, which you surely deserve. You might want to buy yourself an expensive mobile phone, car, or go shopping. However, nothing can be better than gifting yourself a rejuvenating holiday. After all the hard work you put in at your workplace to earn each penny that you have so far, you deserve a good break. So, why don’t you plan a weekend trip at a nearby hill station or take a relaxing spa break all by yourself?
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We all need some alone time, which we can invest in knowing ourselves better. You can start this holiday with reading your favourite book or magazine as you sip coffee from a mug sitting on that cosy couch of your hotel room. You can later indulge in some great amount of calories as you binge on delicious food from the hotel or resort that you are holidaying in. Moving on, enjoy a revitalizing shower followed by a dip in the swimming pool. You can then end your day by hitting the spa, where you might want to enjoy a relaxing body massage. This will definitely relieve you of your daily stress. The holiday is not over yet; it is time for a lavish dinner accompanied with the right choice of wine. After such a beautiful day, you can expect to have a good night’s sleep.
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This can be the best gift from you to yourself!

Travelling Tips For To-be Mothers!

Nausea and fatigue can be common symptoms in women during their pregnancy. This might restrict the to-be mothers to take up a long trip or even a one-day outing. She might want to lie in her comfortable bed with a pregnancy manual all day or concentrate on her daily healthy meals and exercise routine. However, urgency can come up any time. It can be a business trip, a pre-planned holiday, a visit to your parents’ house, or even a sudden desire to enjoy the outside world. Under such circumstances, the expecting women might just want to take the plunge, pack their bag, and head out straight to the destination.
Here are a few travelling tips for women who are soon to become mothers:
  • Firstly, if it is not so necessary, you should avoid a trip in the last few months of your pregnancy. This is because the labour pain might advent any time now. If at all it is very urgent, then you should not travel alone. Make sure there is someone responsible to accompany you.

  • Avoid travelling by public transport. You can rather travel by a car because taking frequent stops is a good idea. That way you can stretch a little every one hour or so and even head to the loo whenever needed. Stretching and taking a short walk is necessary as it helps you avoid develop blood clotting, which is a common issue with pregnant women if they sit or sleep in the same position for a long time.
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  • Carry your own food and water in order to avoid eating out. To-be mothers need to keep good care of their health and also keep a check on what they eat or drink. You never know in what conditions food has been prepared in the restaurant, no matter how reputed it is. Keep yourself well hydrated when expecting a baby.
  • Lastly, carry a soft pillow along, which might help you comfort your back while travelling by a car. Ask the one driving the car to keep it slow and careful.

    • All these tips can come really handy if you are planning to travel with that adorable baby bump!

      It Is Time For Some Romance!

      Like there is no season to fall in love with someone, there is no season to turn this commitment into a ceremony. Wedding bells might ring as and when you want them to. So, all the love-seeking newlywed couples, it is time for some romance. It is not a good idea to stay back home and take charge of all the household responsibilities from the very next day of your wedding. That time is for the two souls, who have come together to spend the rest of their lives loving and understanding each other. This means that you should take a break and head to a lovely honeymoon destination to enjoy the much-awaited holiday of your life. Do not forget to choose a place that offers you complete solitude and a good backdrop to romance.
      Here are three places in India which are perfect for an intimate honeymoon:

      This place is said to be the heaven on earth, which is very true. You might like to spend your honeymoon in this beautiful valley of love. Sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Kashmir, if you wish to capture its magnificence in your camera. The couple can also opt to enjoy a ride in a shikara in the Dal Lake.

      This hill station is a favourite amongst honeymooners. Ooty is quite a fascinating and serene holiday destination that can also be visited during the summers. So, if you are getting married during this scorching season, you might love to spend your special time together at this cool hill station.

      This destination is for the fun-loving adventure seeking couples, who do not mind romancing amidst dense jungles and rough terrains. You might even be lucky enough to spot exotic & rare wild animals and birds during a wildlife safari at Corbett.

      Unplanned Road Trips – Yes or No?

      How many of you believe in planning? Well, if it is about saving money for your future, sending your children to the best schools and colleges, or anything that needs intense prior discussions, then planning is the right way to go. However, happiness is never planned; it is sudden and usually short-lived. So, in order to make the most of all the good moments in life, you should at times try taking risks or have no plans at all and just go with the flow. Similarly, there is need to plan an elongated forthcoming holiday, but don’t you think that an unplanned and short road trip can be more fun? So, unplanned road trips – yes or no?

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      The best part about an unplanned road trip is less drama and more enjoyment. When someday you are sitting alone with absolutely no work to do and thinking about options to spend the rest of the day, all you have to do is call up a long lost friend. Maybe, it is the best time to catch up with pals, whom you usually cannot give time due to your hectic work schedules. An exciting road trip is just a few calls away and it will need no planning too. All you want is a comfortable car, few friends including you, who know how to drive, and of course your hard earned money to buy some snacks. The right music can also be a great company during this impromptu road trip.
      There might be a few basic things that you would like to take along for this trip. The budding photographer in you might want to capture the beauty of the road you take. So, keep a good camera handy and keep clicking whatever you like. Also, if it is an unplanned road trip, your car might lack the required fuel. In such circumstances, it is needless to say that you should get a full tank, but in case you are planning on longer trips it won’t be a bad idea to store some extra fuel in case of emergency. And then, you can just drive off...

      Pack these for the beach!

      Gradually moving towards the end of winter season, it is time to soak up some sun at the beach. It is time to feel the warmth and indulge in a little tanning. After cuddling under your thick blankets all this cold season, you might not mind spending some time in the sun. So, why don’t you book a beach vacation this summer and choose to relax at a beach-side shack? With a chilled mocktail by your side or any juice that you would like to sip, you can make the most of your beach-loving session. However, do not forget to pack a few important things along with your luggage that will come handy for the trip, while you enjoy the sunny seaside.
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      Here is a list of things that you should pack for the beach:
      • The first thing that should go straight in your bag is a sun-block. Though you wish to indulge in tanning, applying sun-block while on the beach will protect your skin from burns and UV rays.
      • If you are willing to hit the sea, you should pack swimsuits or other attire that you do not mind wearing to the water. Ensure that the swimming attire is comfortable, so that your underwater experience is a great one.
      • You can also add some style to your summer beach holidays by packing along trendy shades and hats or caps. It will help you look up-to-date as well as safeguard your eyes from coming in direct contact with the sunrays.
      All these items would definitely prove to be very useful for your beach vacation. So, pack these all!