Travelling Tips For To-be Mothers!

Nausea and fatigue can be common symptoms in women during their pregnancy. This might restrict the to-be mothers to take up a long trip or even a one-day outing. She might want to lie in her comfortable bed with a pregnancy manual all day or concentrate on her daily healthy meals and exercise routine. However, urgency can come up any time. It can be a business trip, a pre-planned holiday, a visit to your parents’ house, or even a sudden desire to enjoy the outside world. Under such circumstances, the expecting women might just want to take the plunge, pack their bag, and head out straight to the destination.
Here are a few travelling tips for women who are soon to become mothers:
  • Firstly, if it is not so necessary, you should avoid a trip in the last few months of your pregnancy. This is because the labour pain might advent any time now. If at all it is very urgent, then you should not travel alone. Make sure there is someone responsible to accompany you.

  • Avoid travelling by public transport. You can rather travel by a car because taking frequent stops is a good idea. That way you can stretch a little every one hour or so and even head to the loo whenever needed. Stretching and taking a short walk is necessary as it helps you avoid develop blood clotting, which is a common issue with pregnant women if they sit or sleep in the same position for a long time.
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  • Carry your own food and water in order to avoid eating out. To-be mothers need to keep good care of their health and also keep a check on what they eat or drink. You never know in what conditions food has been prepared in the restaurant, no matter how reputed it is. Keep yourself well hydrated when expecting a baby.
  • Lastly, carry a soft pillow along, which might help you comfort your back while travelling by a car. Ask the one driving the car to keep it slow and careful.

    • All these tips can come really handy if you are planning to travel with that adorable baby bump!