Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

The initial two words might seem like a paradox to travelling at first, but if you make some wise and simple decisions - it is not an impossible thing to achieve after all. Yes, traveling great distances should not necessarily take a toll on your health or drain your pockets either. This happens, because usually, we lose focus and tend to overlook the expenses and food habits. While on a shorter holidays things would not make a difference, in the long run and frequent travels though, you may feel the consequences of such carelessness taking big chunk off of your fitness and savings.
Hence, no matter if you are traveling or are at home; make few basic guidelines an absolute must for yourself:
  • Have your breakfast like a king; get up at a convenient hour- when you don’t have to rush to catch the bus for next stop. Enjoy a hearty meal, full of juices, toasts, honey, milk, fruits, eggs, etc. as per your disposition.
  • But make sure, you eat while keeping your traveling mode in your mind - please do not over indulge in food, if you have tendency for motion sickness.
  • Always carry some nutrition bars for those unscheduled hunger pangs.
  • Try and walk wherever you get an opportunity. It provides excellent exercise and gives your body a nice work through.
  • Same rule applies to climbing stairs, however, if you have a long day ahead maintain your activities as much as your body can endure.
  • Try to replace junk food with healthy (and tasty) food while traveling.
  • Drink lot of water and coconut water while travelling in tropics, it helps maintain your blood pressure and blood sugar in check.
Keeping a journal of your everyday expenses is a very efficient way of keeping a tab on your spending habits. You will know what you spend mostly on and what expenses can be avoided in near future. Also, keeping a journal shall give you insights of exactly how lavishly you need to take up the rest of your travel as well - hence spend wisely and carefully.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.