Green City, Clean City

Don’t you dream of going to a place which is laden with natural beauty, trim and sparkling surroundings, and convenience at your command - paints a serene picture in your mind doesn’t it? It’s a feast for your eyes and soul. So why not make a deliberate attempt, to let the beautiful places you visit maintain their charm in every possible manner?

Often, people while travelling to distant locations, tend to follow all the rules and regulations regarding the local authorities. However, the same people, travelling within their own cities and country often overrule many such rules - especially the ones subjected to the cleanliness guidelines. Charity begins at home - a truly said proverb. We prefer distant lands because they have harsh orders against littering and spoiling of public properties, we must also implement the same seriousness at our places as well, only without a strict law waiting to be implemented against the culprits.

Only when everyone is serious about their contribution towards the improvement of the society- starting from keeping the city clean - be it a tourist spot or a local city, every little step shall provide a positive and visible impact. Help in keeping a chic place elegant also, endeavor to improve places where you can - by ofcourse not littering, using eco friendly products and being constantly aware.

Keeping your surroundings clean is no wonder a very effective way to beautify a place, but also a very powerful step for saving and conserving the animals around. We never know what negative effect our waste product disposal is creating in the ecosystem. While traveling, let’s make our world a better place to live in and give our hosts a reason to invite us back - happily.
Travel safe. Happy travelling.