Best Travel Souvenirs

Rightly it is said:

Travel the world to know thyself.

Every place you travel, unveils a phase of yourself you never knew existed. You see beauty you didn’t know was possible, you come across people you thought were way too different from your reality, you go through experiences which basically change the way you see world. Every venture you acknowledge away from comfort of your home enriches you with treasure of wisdom with every passing moment.

Often while witnessing foreign rituals and customs of the distant land, one is prone to get judgmental. Comparing things with back home, it is quite usual to create an image in one’s mind regarding people and place. Some may like the image created in their minds- they watch the rituals with fascination, intrigued by difference of perception yet find it enlightening, or at least entertaining. While others may tend to get offended or totally dislike or perhaps not share the common thought procedure going behind the occurrence of any performances. Neither of the two sorts is wrong. It is personal perception, and everyone is entitled to have one.

However, considering that one perception to be absolute shall not be fair. It is the differences which in fact makes the world a better place. You don’t have to like everything, but accepting what is the way it is, is integral learning for a traveler. Many times, what has been a disaster experience for one turns out a stupendous occasion for another. It is only a matter of time and yes- perception. Every ritual has been created based on a certain faith, history of the place and upgrades done gradually through time. Comparing of any two sets of faith, tribes, and countries is not an appropriate task.

No group of men is perfect yet there is something perfect in each of their beliefs. Respect mutual differences and avoid degrading any place only if it was not at par with your level. Hence, next time when you pack your bags and set out to explore an unknown piece of the world, explore with the eyes of a child. Let yourself be surprised, participate in local rituals, and most importantly - to live in present. Do not judge, but be ready to just enjoy. Let your best memento be the joyful memories and love!
Travel safe. Happy traveling.