Festivities & Travel

Traveling doesn’t really require any reason, it just needs inspiration. Most often, traveling is itself the greatest inspiration indeed. However, while choosing destinations or seasons for holidaying and traveling, festivals provide a major occasion & reason for traveling. Whether celebrating a festival with that distant family, or visiting a holy destination for a particular festival or a ritual, or just going on pilgrimage as per one’s faith, connection of travel & festivities is very old and strong.

Religious travel doesn’t have to be a cumbersome experience. Also, the difficulty levels don’t necessarily prove depths of faith. Here is some useful information that can help you enjoy and relax while you travel with a religious and/or festive purpose.
  • Often times, last moment bookings cause extra expenses and lower standards of services.
  • If you are aware of your leaves or holidays around the time of occasion, go for advance travel & hotel bookings to avoid last minute rush.
  • If however, you are not sure of how many days you may get off around the time of the occasion, try and keep a tab on flight or train tickets along with fluctuating hotel tariffs.
  • Being aware of the current status on travel options and hotels provides you instant answer, whenever it becomes possible for you to make the bookings- you know which hotel offers what tariff & availability of rooms, the current status on train & flight bookings and costing.
  • Also, keeping a constant check on hotels & transportation modes saves you from last moment tension & stress.
  • Booking in bulk always helps to squeeze in extra or condense few out as per last moment availabilities. Hence, approach friends or colleagues who also have same destination and wish to travel around the same time.
  • Bulk bookings also save on expenses and there is always a possibility of inducing special offers on bookings.
Also, it is important to remember you are traveling on a special occasion so, expecting crowd and hence various inconveniences such as long queues, slight management troubles and even unavailability of several services are what you should be prepared for. With festivals and religious occasions is attached faith of people; hence no matter depths of your own belief, during such travels being empathetic and patient can help you as well as others around you have a cherished time.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.