Modak, Mushak & More!

A Note from Special Guest Blogger: Shri Ganesha

Hello dear travel bugs! Since my birthday is coming up and I too love traveling like you guys, thought of sharing a few thoughts with you all. To begin with, I belong to a family which believes in a lot of world tours. I remember when I was a kid my father, Lord Shiva would often go to distant locations on earth (many times heaven or hell as well – depending upon the situation) for months at a stretch. His work requires traveling a lot (actually all Gods’ work does). And in fact he was out on some very important business trip when I was born, but you all probably know that and I won’t narrate that story here (relax)!

You see, my entire family is all over the world. Parents are residing on upper Himalayas, dear brother Kartikeya is happily settled in the south of India, friends, distant relatives and of course my dear fans – they are all scattered across India and also somewhere in the more western areas of globe (they keep moving every other century). We keep visiting them all – me & my PA Mushak. Well I have been in better company but trust me, nothing beats the companionship of a dearly beloved & trusted multitasker (and he loves food too)! When earlier I saved his life, I seriously had no idea how handy he’ll turn out to be. Mushak’s one click – and I am sorted, for whatever I need. Well alright I might not need much, but it is amusing anyways.

Things have changed a lot now. Although, if you compare the earlier days it was definitely less crowded then. Environment was cleaner & purer, and I can say things were a lot less complicated. But I also find things more convenient and rather obvious now. We Gods have abilities to just transcend from one place to another (one of the Super Powers I find most useful but it also means no work out, hence I can’t blame for… well my stature) but from what I have noticed, the shorter the journey, the lesser time to munch & lunch and so lesser time to actually enjoy. Well, you certainly can’t enjoy on empty stomach now, can you?

I can ramble away like this non-stop, but there is one thing I should tell you before I forget about it. I love to travel! Yes, and not just to temples, mounts or oceans, but to people’s homes too. In fact, I have become addicted to the love and devotion people bestow on me during these 10 days so much, that it breaks my heart when it’s time for me to leave. But what to do, the world is not enough as you people say. In order to complete my travel bucketlist, I need to be on the move and can’t settle at one place. So my dear dear dear fans, don’t lose hope. I might leave after my scheduled 10 days stay at your place, but I would definitely like to keep in touch with you. Hope you don’t forget me, and keep writing to me.
Keep travelling, keep smiling!