Mind Your Language!

Amongst the list of mandatory requisites while traveling, we have often strained on the local language aspect. While it is not absolutely necessary to learn a new language every time you plan to take a hike to a distant city, it is in fact at least recommended to have a basic understanding of the local culture.
So let’s say, you are planning to stay at a destination for a good amount of time, it is only convenient if you learn the basics - greetings, asking for something, ordering food, buying stuff and asking for directions. Yes, learning few words of a foreign language does not make you an expert, but it becomes very convenient and as you’ll find - welcoming. Locals often tend to be more helpful and caring when they see any tourist making an attempt to know their local city & language with a better effort. The broken language you’ll manage to utter, will not only generate warmth in the heart of your hosts, but will also be a source of entertainment for them. Also, there are many places on globe, where people may not have heard any of the languages you speak. In such scenarios, the basics you know will at least get you through with little efforts.

Many times the sign languages you may use to describe any of your requirements may not come at par with your host’s understanding. Being from different backgrounds, for example, when you are trying to signal for water, your host may inculcate it as liquor, or maybe anything else. Hence, even sign language can take you only as far as remotely possible.

There are many times, when you don’t have enough time on your hands as to indulge in learning about a foreign language, and even if you do – since you’ll be new at it, mistakes are bound to happen. Hence, the best option is to carry a language translating dictionary. In today’s tech savvy world, there are many apps and websites which can aid you with the translation. Hence, next time when you go traveling, make an attempt to learn new stuff - it will add another color to your travel journal.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.