Travel More In Less

We all face a daunting question while planning a holiday – ‘Would love to travel to place XYZ, but the travel fares are too expensive.’
In current trends, where expenses are sky rocketing, availability of seats is reducing ever so steadily and fuel expenses & taxes are taking a hike - how indeed can one even think of traveling for leisure, without feeling a pang of heavy expenses draining his savings? The one word answer to this question is - flexibility.
If you wish to travel, and don’t want to spend a fortune doing so, you truly need to be flexible in various manners:
  • Choosing destinations - first and foremost, you should be flexible in your choice. Start with travel spots which are closer to your place. The close destinations can be easily managed with respect to time, finances and transportation. If not close by, select places which are more convenient to reach - tours packages. Perform a thorough background check of the package and if it suits you well, then only enroll yourself in one.
  • Choosing time for traveling - yes you need to be very flexible with this one. There are various destinations all across the globe, which have special discounts for traveling or visiting during a specific time of the year. Explore such places and also do a research in terms of what is the best time to visit these places. Airfares reduce and various other facilities like stay and extensions are available at dirt-cheap rates during certain durations.
  • Advance planning - this one definitely helps! Planning and booking for flights & hotels in advance have a lot of benefits indeed. You not only save on airfare but also get time to compare and bargain other expenses as well.
  • Wait for it - well, many times being the last one to book tickets also has its own perks. Since filling a flight before departing always curbs down the expenses of airway companies, many times they provide special offers for last few available seats. You need to be alert for such offers, these are last minute pop ups with varying options. Although, opting of this option means you need to wait till last moment and ofcourse there is no guarantee of a fixed amount that can be saved. Nor is there any guarantee that there will be seats available at discounts - so yes this one is a dicey option unless you keep a proper track of airway companies and their regular offers.
It is said that if you wish to do something, you shall find a way and if not, you will find an excuse. Traveling is no longer dirt cheap and in order to fulfill your travel bucket list you must start early on it and plan wisely.

Travel safe. Happy traveling.