Travelers’ Good Over Evil: Dussera Special Part II

Hello travel bugs, here is the list continuing to ten evils that travelers need to win over. This festive season, make a difference in this world while spreading & receiving happiness.

  1. Follow the tour guides: we understand the urge to just go & explore the world on your own; however, there may be things you need to know before stepping out. Hence, follow your tour guide, unless you have been to the same place many times before & are sure of your whereabouts.
  2. Don’t ignore the warning signs: if the locals wished to decorate the area, we assure you warning signs will not be the choice. Warning signs are there for a reason, please follow them to avoid making your or someone else’s holidays unpleasant.
  3. Don’t feed animals: animals just like humans are susceptible to everything they eat. You may never know what you treat them may have an adverse effect on them. Besides, there are always chances they might harm you in order to retrieve edibles. Maintain your distance & just enjoy the view.
  4. Don’t damage property: be it a monument or a resort, scribbling, or damaging properties in any other sense is never an ideal holiday gesture. The services are for your benefits solely & make use of it to the best of your & others need and requisites.
  5. Frank display of personal opinions should be strictly kept in your mind. You never know how your words may unintentionally upset the locals or your host.
Holidays are fun days which everyone wants to be memorable in most pleasant ways. Tourist destinations belongs to locals & tourists in similar manner, however, it is usually the locals who stay there for longer time. Hence, how tourists & travelers treat the place is what locals deal with. Everyone likes to walk in a haven, but maintaining a place with its original charm takes effort, which is incomplete without the efforts of tourists & travelers. So next time you venture to another wonderful destination, make sure you contribute in maintaining the charisma of the place.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!