Checklist Before Locking Up For A Vacation:

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We are in the midst of a festive season, and almost every second family is packing their bags and is headed out – to relatives, or family friends, or distant cousins, for a wedding or maybe just for a vacation. Perhaps you too shall be busy making a checklist for packing the important stuff, last minute purchases to be done, etc. How about making a checklist for your house safety while you are gone? Have you thought about the safety plan of your vacation as well as your house while you are not around? Most of the people tend to overlook this most important aspect, if you haven’t worry not for we are at your service:
  1. Stop the daily newspaper service: make sure to pause your newspaper deliveries or if possible, have any one reliable pick it up daily for you. Nothing like a bunch of yellowing newspapers at doorstep to announce your absence.
  2. Settle all bills & payments: if, your off time is clashing with your payment dates, make advance payments or else assign some reliable person with the amount & details of the payment. Don’t let the payment bills decorate your mailbox while you are gone.
  3. Dump or consume all perishable products: don’t forget to eliminate all the short life-cycled products in your refrigerator or in house as such so that firstly, your neighbors may live in breathable environment while you are gone and also you don’t get welcomed back by a house full of unthinkable stinks.
  4. Go Unplugged: it is a must to unplug your electronic appliances, especially the heavy ones like washing machine, your LCD, computer, etc. This is to avoid any possibility of short circuit while you are not around.
  5. House checks: withering plants, no evening lights, unchecked mails are enough to give anyone the idea of nill presence at your residence. In order to keep the enigma of your presence on, ask a reliable friend to check up on your place every other day, to put on lights in the evening & put them off in the morning. You can also set timer for lights & manage the light of your entire place even being miles away!
  6. Fix it: if you have any leaks in the water system of your house, or any broken window or latch which refuses to work make sure you get at least these problems fixed on priority before you leave for your vacation. Carelessness in such chores can lead to much bigger problems when you return, hence enjoy a relaxed vacation & fix the happiness of your break while fixing the broken things at your place.
Well, there is certainly no end to ways of safeguarding your house before leaving for long vacation, however the most important thing is to always make this checklist in a relaxed environment & start at least few weeks before noticing your daily chores. This way you will know the requirements & possible solution to the problems.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!