Holiday Recovery: Quick Fix to Fight Tiredness & Fatigue!

Vacations are meant to be exciting, adventurous & exploratory. One doesn’t want to return from a vacation feeling something left undone. So let’s face it, no matter how relaxing or rejuvenating your holidays may have been, while being back in your old set up, you really wish to have another set of vacations only to recuperate from the fatigue of traveling (and to get out of that holiday mood).
Here are few tips which can help pull your energy bars to a whole new level – that too in a quick way!
  • Run/jog: A 15 minutes running or jogging can help jolt your inner energy levels to max! Try brisk walking in your house for 20-30 minutes & if you cannot go out, try climbing the stairs real fast.
  • Exercise: a power packed 10 minutes of cardio can be a real opener – skip ropes, few pushups, etc. even aerobics & zumba seem like a nice option. Just put the volume high & start the work out.
  • Caffeine oriented drinks: maybe the most basic & common solution – coffee or soft drinks such as Pepsi & Thumbsup are known to be lifeline of all the over time workers & students burning oil in the midnight lamp.
  • Good food: yes, true – food rich in fibers, water & sugar contents prove better at jolting your mind wide awake. Munch on some fruits, get some smoothies (fresh veggies) and you will instantly feel perked up.
  • Shower: nothing like a hot shower after a tiring day. The hot showers relieves body of toxins & excess heat and also it sooths out muscles while enhancing recovery.
  • Cold water shock therapy: splashing cold water on your face also does the trick. The cold water sends a shock sensation to brain which immediately alerts the entire body – resulting in a livelier you.
  • Power nap: well we do have to agree tiredness is there for a reason – lack of sleep, body didn’t get proper rest, or any of the traveling routines which have left body still adjusting to new routine, any or all of this can be the cause of your fatigue. So shut down your computer, put your phones on silent, set your alarm clock & take a dose of undisturbed and peaceful powernap.
Fatigue & tiredness are not mandatory, but are still common effects after returning from travels. These tips provide temporary relief but you must consult doctors if any problems persist.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!