Travel like a nomad, click like a professional!

Vacation is all about enjoying yourself and traveling is a fun way to make sure that you do enjoy. These are the best times, days you want to remember & cherish for years to come. You make sure that everything goes as per your likes & tastes, so how about also making sure that your imminent Facebook holiday album really makes a buzz amongst your friendlist members. Don’t just let your holiday destination be a temptation, let your holiday album pictures leave people gaping.
Here’s how you can click pictures like a pro in an easy Lights-Camera-Action way:
  • Before you click a picture, always check for the source of light, and various angles you can play with.
  • Try to keep the sun behind you, this way you will expose your objects to proper light.
  • Getting pictures in natural light brings out the best of features.
  • Needless to say better the camera, better the picture quality, but not necessary a good picture.
  • No matter what shutter machine you are using – your mobile phone or a hi-res camera, know your device well. Realize & learn the features of your camera, and make note of the settings you like most – so that you can use it in future with much ease.
  • Try out your own creativity – you can always try new effects for your pictures through any number of external sources, example: Covering camera lens with plastic gives a dreamy & fazed effect, etc.
  • What do you want to capture, besides your family – beautiful sea & beaches or mesmerizing mountains & scenery beyond. Whatever be your object, be clear about it.
  • Include locals in your photographs, it not only adds an authentic local touch but also gives a personal effect to it as well.
  • Freak out! No seriously, the most cherished photographs, you must admit are in which at least one of the individuals is acting out of the blue or something unexpected is happening in the backdrop. Show how much fun you are having at your vacations – make funny faces, try different perspectives, click candid shots (natural reactions are best to collect).
So people, say cheese!

Travel safe. Happy travelling!