We keep saying holidays bring best of times; these are the times which create most amazing memories & cherish wonderful relationships. But there is actually a lot more than these aspects! Holidaying is almost equivalent of entering into a parallel universe – where you don’t work, got no worries & just enjoy life! Few of our dear customers shared with us their unusual experiences they had while they were on vacations. So people, there is so much more to look forward to! Everyone expects something different, but even you will agree these off-the-record experiences are pretty remarkable, read on –
  • Star studded: Spotting lovebirds at any gorgeous location isn’t a new thing, but spotting a star, meaning a celebrity – now isn’t this grand! Nothing can make your holidays more memorable than a surprise realization that you are sharing your holiday resort with one of your favorite celebrity stars! Not only does this make your holidays special, it always makes a great tea time story for your friends!
  • The fun comrade: partying is fun indeed, but what gets funnier is the drunken fellow tourist. on more than several occasions we have witnessed ‘party people’ who make it a point to re-live their long lost childhood days, show off their unfathomable dancing skills & all sorts of other hidden and incomprehensible talents after they are few shots down. Our advice, keep your drinking level low & keep your eye open for the next show of ‘world’s got talent’ which can start any minute after someone gets drunk.
  • Surprise, Surprise: we all love to get a little extra on anything & everything – extra discount, extra food in meal coupon, extra cheese in the pizza, etc. What makes holidays more unforgettable is when you are on the receiving end of extra ‘special’ experience! Imagine going to a new city known for its amazing history & artifacts and after a spontaneous exploring trip you realize the city has unbeatable natural charm as well! There is literally no end of surprising yourself when you are on the move.
  • Home is where your heart is: Your age, gender doesn’t have to matter when it comes to holidays. Try going to different places & you may actually feel at home, even though you stand out. Travelling teaches you it isn’t about being same & known, it’s about being different & understanding, respecting the differences. Clearly taking a break from your normal life in a different way is what makes holidays stand out!
If you have got more unusual experiences &/or habits which can be spotted amongst travelers & tourists then we’d love to hear them!

Travel safe. Happy travelling!