Timeshare: Sharing Fun Times

You keep hearing of timeshare more often than usual these days. So what is timeshare? We’ll help you with that. The basic idea commenced in the early 60s in European countries, when few related families bought a vacation cottage jointly, each having exclusive use of the property for one of the four seasons. More people came up with similar concept. However, it was realized that the vacation houses were vacant for most of the time; hence they came together with a new idea – sharing vacation homes.
This way the owners could rent their vacation homes to others throughout the year. This concept gained momentum within a decade and different hotels from various places collaborated together. Few of the benefits of Timeshare are as such:
  • Since the properties are jointly owned by many, the expense are reduced which in turn leads to lower costs for guests.
  • Timeshare is a joint network, hence provides large variety of vacation houses at places all over the globe.
  • As per current norms, you can enjoy 25 years of timeshare membership, wherein you get to enjoy vacations at exotic places at way cheaper rates.
  • The vacations even years afterwards remain inflation free, which means you actually get to enjoy your stay at amazing places in way lesser price!
  • Gifting a holiday becomes easier – you have membership & it provides a greater convenience to present your friends or relatives with amazing time at no additional rates.
Timeshare ownership is also varied; few owners prefer to buy the properties while the rest become owners for a fixed amount of time depending upon the contract or until the property is re-sold. Depending on it the initial purchase price may be paid all at once or over time; with a likely periodic maintenance fees. Stay glued to the page as we come up with more travel information in our next blog. If there is anything you would like to know regarding traveling – do let us know!

Travel safe. Happy travelling!