Three reasons why winter is the perfect season to holiday in India!

Do you want to take a break from your hectic work schedule and head to a holiday destination that excites you? Or are you craving for a sightseeing trip since a long time now? However, you might not want those stinky droplets of sweat roll down from your head and slip through the back of your neck as you visit places on your upcoming vacation. Nor would you like heavy rains pouring harsh over your month-long holiday trip, will you? So, giving those usual summer vacations a break and instead planning for a winter tour might save your trip from becoming a failure. Many would agree that winter is the perfect season to step out of your house and holiday at the most beautiful places, especially in India.
Here are three reasons why you should choose to holiday in India during the winters:

  • You will finally get a chance to wear your most stylish fur jackets that you had specially bought from a designer sale, but never got a real chance to use. Indian metropolitans are usually not that chilly, even during the winters. Therefore, thick woollens or leather jackets might come handy during the cold season, but not the fur.

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  • You can experience a snowfall if you decide to holiday in the hilly regions of India during the winters. The scorching heat of the sun and the heavy downpours might have been experienced by almost every Indian. Nevertheless, snow-bearing sky is not a common scenario in all the cities of this country. So, a trip to the cold Himalayan regions from the month of October to February can help you get clicked amidst the soft white snow.

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    • Even if you are not a snow-person, travelling during the winter season is more preferable. The weather being cool and pleasant all over India during winters, you will not be at a risk of getting yourself drenched in either sweat or rainwater.
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    Give these points a thought and you might end up making your holiday trip a great success!