Sunderbans: A Haven for Floral Reserves And Wildlife

The literal meaning of Sunderbans is ‘beautiful jungle’. The Sunderbans National Park is stationed at an extreme belt of the West Bengal state. This national park is particular famous for its humid freshwater forests. The conditions in the Sunderbans are ideal for incessant growth of mangroves, which happens to be world’s largest mangrove forest in the world. Here, you can find a splendid variety of flora and the most interesting aspect of this National Park is the presence of Royal Bengal Tiger. This place is enchanting and full of various attractions that attracts visitors year after year.

Royal Bengal Tiger
Floral varieties and the green pastures are principal attractions. This makes Sunderbans the largest delta on the face of Earth. As you enter deeper into the realms of Sunderbans, you’d experience a mystic beauty that is nowhere to be found in the world. The floral reserves are in abundance and so do other flowers in this national park.

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