Celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27

World Tourism day is celebrated every year on 27 September. Its sole purpose is to spread awareness of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value in the minds of international community. This great event tries to bring forward global challenges mentioned in the UN Millennium Development Goals as well as highlight how much contribution tourism sector can make towards achieving this goal. This year it will be celebrated on 27th September under the theme Tourism & Sustainable Energy, powering sustainable development. 

World tourism day 2012 will be highlighting the need of bringing tourism sector and energy barons together to discuss the need of tourism sector in contributing towards sustainability. Huge investments are poured into renewable energy sources for aviation, meaning sustainable energy is a priority of the tourism sector. The initiatives and commitments on this day will be helping to protect the environment and also they will be creating employment for millions in tourism as well as energy sectors. Millions of people around the world depend for income on the energy-intensive tourism sector. Sustainable energy will allow tourism to expand while lessening its impact on the environment. 

WTD will be officially celebrated in the town of Maspalomas in the Canary Islands, Spain in presence of the Spanish Secretary of State for tourism Isabel Borrego. Other participants at the meet will be Spanish Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, and President of Acciona Energy, Carmen Becerril, representing Spanish multinational Acciona. These official celebrations will include a high level think platform on the 2012 theme, trying to stress the need of the two sectors to work together. Spain stands among the top five countries investing in renewable energies and 20% of its energy consumed comes from renewable energy sources. Spain deserves this leadership as it has already proved its awareness towards the subject by becoming world leader in using renewable energies. At the same time it is one of the global top tourism destinations. This year’s theme will also try to highlight role of tourism in a brighter energy future in which entire world’s population will have access to modern, efficient and affordable energy services.

World is facing future threats of change in climate, shortage of fuels and many more. So everybody should be more aware on these topics and try to offer there share towards helping to resolve the crisis or at least be aware of the possible dangers. The organizers have appealed the world to be apart of World Tourism Day 2012 by taking part in the photo competition or visiting online energy school to get more information on this important topic. Everyone has a role in sustainable tourism.  It is a great thing that tourism community has shown growing commitment to sustainable energy.  You as a tourist can play your role by off-setting your own carbon emissions, choosing ecologically friendly destinations. Every action counts.  This year, one billion international tourists will travel to foreign destinations.  So one act multiplied by one billion will be a great achievement. We at Magic Holidays will celebrate World tourism day 2012, by spreading awareness on the subject.