Mahabaleshwar – A scenic heaven on earth!

Mahabaleshwar is synonymous with greenery and sheer beauty. One of the most prominent hill-stations in India, this beautiful location assures to take your breath away. Also known to be the largest hill-station in the Sahyadri mountain range, Mahabaleshwar is located in Maharashtra and is nestled about of 1,372 meters above sea-level.

This hill-station literally kisses the sky above and visiting Mahabaleshwar will subject you to nothing more than beautiful views and a pleasantly cold weather, away from the urban heat and crowd! Travelling to Mahabaleshwar isn’t really difficult, since this hill-station is well connected to Mumbai and Pune by road as well as by train. Luxurious buses ferry passengers from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar at a good frequency while trains from Mumbai and Bangalore are also available.
The hill-station has several locations that one must include on one’s to-do list. These are spots offering some of the best views and are indeed worth a visit. These places are called “Points” and are popular, particularly because of the views they offer. Some of the most famed Points in Mahabaleshwar are Arthur's Seat, named after Sir Arthur Mallet and Kate's Point, located towards the east. The Needle Hole Point is a short skip away from Kate’s Point and is known for a natural rock formation with a hole in between.

Also, the Wilson Point and 3 Monkey Point are popular spots. A few other places tourists should visit include Lodwick Point, Babington Point, the Sunset Point, Elephant's Head Point and Lingamala Falls. Mahabaleshwar offers a bunch of enjoyable recreational activities including boat rides, horse-back rides, treks and more. Shutterbugs looking for great pictures are advised to travel with an efficient zoom lens and stay prepared for damp weather. Some tour operators also offer trips to the historical Pratapgad Fort, built by Maharashtra’s warrior and the founder of the Maratha Empire, Shivaji.
A lush-green hill-station located amidst the beautiful Western Ghats, a visit to Mahabaleshwar is an unmatched experience!

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