A Visit To The Global Village:

With all the latest technologies, gadgets and developments, the world has become nothing but a big, global village. There is no corner of the world which remains inaccessible. The world is becoming smaller each passing day as a result of latest technology available in terms of communications and travel. So here we are with few useful insights, for all those travel bugs who wish to explore the wider ranges of this comprehensive community called world:

  • Chinese usually prefer to be formally introduced to someone new. And the same rule applies to both Chinese and foreigners. And when being introduced always stand up throughout the introductions. Also difference between a Japanese bow & Chinese bow is that Japanese bow from waist and Chinese from shoulder.
  • Unlike the Western custom, compliments are not graciously accepted in China with a “thank you,” but rather with “not at all or it was nothing.” Chinese follow a more modest approach while receiving compliments and accepting compliments is not appreciated.
  • In many Middle Eastern countries like Iran, the "thumbs up" gesture is considered an offensive insult. However, in American, Russian, Indian & African countries it may symbolize as great or good.
  • In Russia, delay of at least 20 minutes is rather appreciated for visitors. Being right on time is not exactly cherished. Besides, the dining etiquettes are more or less similar to European dining manners. Russians put the fork on the left side of the plate (used in the left hand) and the knife on the right (used by the right hand). When not being used, they are placed with their tips on the edge of the plate (fork tines down), and they are laid across the plate horizontally when you are finished. Also, a spoon & not a fork is used for eating cake, etc. (Try not to spill the salt which as per Russian superstition signifies as a bad fight between members of the family.)
  • When dealing with foreigners, most South Africans shake hands while smiling and maintain eye contact throughout; it is a gesture of respect & graciousness. Some women do not shake hands and merely nod their head, so it shall be better to wait for a woman to extend her hand.
  • The tipping system in European states is rather a fixed deal, prefer not to tip in most European countries unless the service was truly exceptional; on a casual standards simply round up to the nearest euro.

Hopefully, you will find these insights helpful. We’ll keep updating you about such rarely known and useful insights occasionally, keep reading this space.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!