Pack Smart, Travel Happy!

While packing, no matter how sorted you are, how less or more you are planning to pack, some things are forever troublesome when it comes to packing for traveling. Laptops, delicate gifts or souvenirs, lotions or liquids (medicine), etc. are some of the things which if not packed properly may end up being really inconvenient. So here is a list of such articles and how can you manage them while packing:
  • Foot wears: these are heavy, maybe even artistically delicate or just plain big. Every occasion needs a different foot wear. So one thing which can be done is, carry foot wear which can be used at multiple occasions. Wear your heaviest pair while traveling, or pack them at the bottom of your backpack.
  • Laptop: getting slim sleeves for your laptop provides a safe and comparatively more convenient traveling experience. But you must always make sure to pack it amongst upper layers so that you can easily get it out during security search at airports.
  • Delicate gifts or souvenirs: nothing is more frustrating than finding a broken souvenir in your luggage after returning home. While making purchases of gift material, always make sure to plan how will you carry it back – wrap the delicate articles in newspaper and keep them within layers of clothes instead of below or above or rather at sides. If carrying it separately, you can always stick the label of ‘Fragile’ and ‘Handle with care’ or ‘This side up’ to specify the fragility of the content.
  • Warm clothes – If you are traveling from a warm place to a colder region or vice versa, one way or the other you will have to store warm clothes along with your casuals. Since warm clothes are thicker, they occupy more space. One solution is to wear multiple layers of clothes and you can also use your bulkiest jacket as a blanket. Tying sweaters on waist or carrying jackets on arms – not only makes it convenient for you to carry stuff, but it also pass off as your keen fashion sense.
  • Jewelry – you have to be very cautious when it comes to these little but significant articles. Most preferable is to carry travel friendly jewelry – which does not get effected by moisture content or direct sun, dust, etc. Keep studded trinkets in soft wraps and use inner zips to slip in these articles.
While these are few of the most troublesome articles, please let us know more problem areas you face during traveling, so that we may try to find solutions to them to the best of our abilities in our next blog.

Travel safe. Happy traveling!