Sri Ram Navami is celebrated with great devotion in India

Shri Ram Navami is the festival which is celebrated in most parts of India with great devotion. Sri Ram Navami is celebrated every year on the ninth day of Chaitra month. It marks the end of nine day festival known as Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On this day religious processions are taken out through the streets.
Ram Navami is the auspicious day on which Sri Rama was born in Ayodhya. On this day devotees observe fast and visit temples to offer prayers. According to the religious texts, it is advised to keep Ram Navami Vrath. It is easy means of gaining happiness in material world and achieving salvation. This Vrath includes performing religious pooja and keeping a strict fast on the day of Ram Navami. Many Lord Ram temples celebrate this festival for nine days beginning from Gudi padwa day. It is celebrated by periodic readings of Ramayana and arranging spiritual lectures called Kirtans. During these nine days some people ensure to recite Ramraksha eleven times every day. The fairs hosted during Ram Navami festival displays excellent fireworks.

Ayodhya observes a massive celebration of love and devotion of the devotees towards their hero. During Ram Navami mela worship begins with a holy bath taken early morning and chanting Vedic mantras which are dedicated to Vishnu. People in large numbers offer flowers, fruits and sweets to the deity. The devotees maintain a fast which is broken at midnight by eating fruits. Beautifully decorated Rath yatras or chariot processions are taken through the town. The prime attraction of these processions are the chariots with astonishing decorations carrying four people assumed to be Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman and his favorite disciple Hanuman. These chariots are followed by people dressed like traditional army of Lord Ram. These Rath yatra’s are continued for two days accompanied by devotees. Songs describing Ram raj are sung during the procession. Places like Ujjain and Rameshwaram also draw many devotees from different parts of the country during Ram Navami. A special bath is taken in the sea of Rameshwaram before praying at the Ramanathaswamy temple. 

In many regions of India especially Bihar and Uttar Pradesh public gatherings called sat-sangs are organized on this day. These sat-sangs or the company of the knowledgeable persons provides an opportunity for the common masses to acquire more knowledge. They guide people regarding how to spend their life in more perfect manner. Along with Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh Ram Navami is also celebrated with great enthusiasm in Pondicherry. Both the places have been mentioned in Ramayana.

This years Ram Navami will be celebrated on 1st of April 2012. It will be the best time to make a Sankalpa in your life. On this day set some goals in your life to help the needy persons in your community or society. For your family or the dear ones gift something so that they will enjoy the valuable moments of life. Magic Holidays  is an option to provide them a vacation every year for a period of twenty five years.