Resorts acquired recently by Panoramic Group

In its bid to expand consistently in the fields of hospitality and travel, panoramic group has continued its acquisitions of branded properties at strategic tourist locations. To name a few the group has acquired following resorts namely United-21 Grassland resort at Kaziranga and United-21 resort at Kodaikanal previously popular as summer migration kodaikanal. Prior to these two other acquisitions were, United-21 Jungle resort at Pench, United 21 Paradise at Ooty and United-21 Tiger resort at Kanha. Total credit goes to our dynamic directors and the way they plan expansion of the group.
The prime motto behind these acquisitions is to provide local as well international travelers a perfect base to land at some of the most popular tourist destinations in India. These acquisitions are going to add value to the groups two giant travel portals and travel universally. Addition of more and more properties to the list of our outstanding resorts in India and abroad is continued for providing more options to our customers who are booking vacations through one of these online travel portals.

United-21 Grassland resort at Kaziranga previously known as Grassland Kaziranga is located at a convenient location near Bagori range in Harmoti, which can be easily approached from Guwahati & Jorhat. Tourists visiting this resort will be welcomed with stay amidst natures splendors, served with fine cuisine and an all time assistance to avail bewitching safaris taking you to the inside of the dense forests. United-21 resort at Kodaikanal previously popular as summer migration kodaikanal is a splendor located just three km from the beautiful Kodai Lake. It is located on a mid level of a hillock which offers serene views of the splendid surrounding region from the balconies. It provides classic accommodation and fine dining experience to its visitors. United-21 Jungle resort at Pench and United-21 Tiger habitat at Kanha are both located in the dense jungles of Madhya Pradesh popular among the tourists for its impressive wild life as well as its fascinating wild life tours. Luxury resort at Pench located near Turia gate offers swimming pool in addition to the well adorned facilities of a luxury stay and sumptuous dining arrangements. Tiger resort at Kanha offers every opportunity to come across the rare species, Bengal tiger and many other sparsely found wild animals.

The group’s foresight is seen in acquiring these unique properties at different locations spread across the country and to include them under the banner of United-21 brand of hotels and resorts. With this rate of acquisitions at one stage we will be able to announce the existence of our hotels and resorts at nearly all the prime tourist locations. It will be benefiting our customers as they can rely on the brand name United-21 for a colossal service and support at these destinations. At the same time it will build a reputation about the group of having its own hotels and resorts at major tourist locations. These resorts and hotels will be buzzed up with events and celebrations throughout the year. We will keep on updating you about new acquisitions in future also so that you can plan your vacations at these newly acquired properties of the group. Our groups another important venture in time share is Magic holidays offering holidays at worlds well known resorts and tourist destinations. Visit our travel portals and gather more travel related information which will surely be useful to plan your holidays.