The Toy Train Ride to Matheran

Ride to Matheran | Accommodation in Matheran
Ride to Matheran
Amidst green natural surroundings and a peaceful environment of Matheran, any weary traveller would feel relaxed and extremely rejuvenated. This beautiful hill-station was discovered in mid-nineteenth century by a British Officer called Hugh Mallet. It gets plenty of visitors every year who leave behind their stressful routines and have a great time in its picturesque locations. Matheran has been kept free from pollution by banning the entry of vehicles in the region by authorities. But, a ride in toy train can take tourists on an exciting ride through vast greenery of this hill-station. This historic train service was started in the early twentieth century by entrepreneur Abdul Hussain Peerbhoy. Three years were spent constructing this train line with the help of a famous British engineer called Everard Calthrop. Today, it has become a delight for many tourists visiting Matheran along with their friends or family members. Four small-sized trains are a part of this train service and run every day along its route.

Each of these trains has a capacity of carrying around one hundred passengers. Tourists who wish to have a comfortable journey can book a seat in first class compartment which has elegant and comfortable seats. The toy train of Matheran moves at much slower pace in a zigzag way as the region has steep slope. Going further, travellers can witness a gradual change in landscape from slopes covered with grass to a hilly region full of trees. During its journey, these trains also pass through a short tunnel which is known as 'One Kiss Tunnel'. Snacks or drinks can be purchased from vendors who get into these trains for selling these items. They get on and off these trains, even while its moving, which is an indication of the slow pace at which the trains travel. Stops are made at a couple of stations where refreshments are available. Frequency of these trains is lesser during monsoons when the region gets plenty of rainfall and extreme weather conditions prevail. Booking an accommodation at Panoramic Resort in Karnala through Magic Holidays can provide an opportunity for tourists to experience the magic of this train journey as Matheran is just a few kilometres away from it. 

Matheran Station
Matheran Station

Timings of departure from Neral station and Matheran are comfortable, but frequent changes are made to its timetable. It is always better to check for timings online or at the computerized reservation counter of Railways. Ticket prices are very reasonable, but bookings have to be made in advance as seats get filled up in no time. This is especially true during peak seasons when tourists from nearest cities visit Matheran in great numbers. Booking a stay at Panoramic Resort, Karnala, online on Magic Holidays can be a good way to experience this amazing train journey in Matheran. This hill-station is located very close to this resort and tourists can reach Neral station within a short period of time. In addition to luxurious accommodations, the resort also has plenty of facilities and modern amenities for its guests.