New Year's Resolutions

There are different ideas associated with way of celebrating New Year in different parts of the world. New Year’s resolution is a promise that one makes towards improvement of his own life or towards the betterment of society. Mostly it is observed that the New Year’s resolutions include different ideas whose final aim is to help poor and needy.

Quit smoking

To quit smoking is one of the best among all the New Year resolution ideas. But to quit smoking is not an easy idea one has to quit smoking gradually. If you try to stop smoking instantly it will show some adverse effect on your body and mind. In one way or the other it’s a challenge you have to accept for your own better health. Initially when you stop smoking after a few days you will feel like smoking again. At this moment you have to be firm and resist your temptations. The best way to keep you away from this addiction is visualize the dangerous consequences of smoking. In today’s world there are many quit smoking aids available, avail them to keep your self away from the worst consequences standing ahead. 

Maintaining Fitness

With changing times and increasing stress and strain of every day life one can make a resolution to take more care of his own fitness and fitness of his family in the coming years. The average life in the metro cities is dropping down year after year. This might be due to increase in the use of chemical fertilizers or food ingredients with less nutrition value, increasing pollution and the terrific race to earn more money. The biggest obstacle in maintaining fitness is unavailability of time. Life in the cities has gained such a great pace that people of all ages are busy since morning till late evening. But if you overcome this hurdles and spare a fixed time towards maintaining fitness that can be a great idea. Keep a control on your diet as well

Make a new friend every month

Making a friend every month will be a fantastic resolution as well. It is said that in present day life a person having more contacts keeps more chances of climbing the ladders of success. By making a new friend every month you will be having a big group to rely upon after a few years. If you keep on expanding your social circle you will be the happiest person who is able to share his experiences with so many friends.

Giving more time to your family 

Even you can make a resolution of spending more time with your family. Your family members always expect you to spend more time with them. Apart from the time required to attend your duties and responsibilities you have to spare maximum time with them to keep them happy and bonded. 

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