Year 2013 is declared as International Year of Water Cooperation

United Nations has declared Year 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation. It is aimed at attracting the attention of the world community towards possible opportunities of cooperation in water management in order to find a solution to future challenges in water management.  This cooperation to face and solve challenges of water management is expected between communities and even between neighboring countries. The theme of the International year of Water Cooperation to be celebrated in 2013 was already finalized In December 2010.  World Water Day on 22nd March 2013 will also be dedicated to water cooperation. UNESCO will lead this event. The ultimate objective of dedicating this year to the topic is to raise awareness among the masses regarding need for increased cooperation. Secondly to prepare ourselves to face the challenges in managing increasing water requirements of the world.

First of all there is a need to trace out the urgent issues on water education like Trans boundary water management, national as well as international legal formalities and getting linked with development targets. This period will be the best to focus on the impulse created during United Nations Conference on sustainable Development as well as to back up the efforts made for developing truly sustainable water resources.  The UN resolution A/RES/65/154 declaring IYWC agrees that “water plays an important role in sustainable development, including environmental integrity and is absolutely necessary for health and well-being of the human society.” Since a status of universal importance is offered to water all the issues related with it will be minutely scrutinized.

In recent years managing water requirements of the fast growing population has become a critical issue for the governments. Over usage, climate change, wars, and human conflicts are affecting water resources and restricting large percentage of world’s population from access to clean drinking water. As we all know that existing world wide water resources are the same as they were before many centuries, but the users of these resources have increased drastically. This tremendous increase in world population has made these sources of water insufficient. Since it is not possible to increase these resources, only thing we can do is to manage the available resources of water in the most proper way so that everyone gets sufficient amount of water. 

Nowadays tremendous growth of the major cities is observed worldwide.  This steep growth in the population of the metro cities has raised many question marks regarding supply of electricity, fuel and most important of all water supply to the populace. These cities merely depending on dams and rivers for their water requirements are facing hard time when the rains are not sufficient. So this is the right time for all of us to think seriously over this issue and try to find out a solution. In urban areas it is observed that gallons of rain water is simply going into vain, as there is no means of storing this precious water which finally makes it way into the ocean. If some sort of rain water storing arrangement is done in the society buildings spread across the cities then this precious water can be saved and used for purposes other than drinking. We at Magic Holidays, always try to provide information on some of the worlds important issues, and a trustful means of enjoying a beautiful family vacation at one of the renowned tourist locations. This family vacation package is backed by Panoramic Group’s wide experience and reputation.