Why should Santa Have All The Fun- II!

The non-stop party season is at its zenith right now. The best thing about winter is you just can’t escape the festive zing it brings with it, starting from Dussera, to Diwali & now Christmas is almost here (not to mention New Year is closely following Santa’s approach)! This is the season where you can make up for your old mistakes, start something new. Or just open a new chapter – whatever you do, being emotionally intelligent is a must. So how about few emotionally festive yet intelligent gifts this Christmas for the people you love. The gifts may be for old time’s sake or just to toast a new life. Afterall, why should Santa have all the fun when it comes to giving gifts!
Here are top 5 souvenirs to present someone during festive season:
  1. Gift a trip: it can’t get better than this! Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘I am sorry’ better than travel tickets to one’s much coveted destination, especially during festive season. Make sure, before booking though that your person (or people)of interest will be able to attend this trip.
  2. Camera: giving a shutter machine is a direct green signal for awesome holidays. It is the most practical & considerate way of wishing someone best of vacations.
  3. Travel smart luggage: so your dear one is a travel freak or maybe going to travel for the first time. One thing all travel bugs have in common – the baggage which comes along. Gift your special one smart, trendy & durable luggage. Choose the one which perfectly matches the personality of the traveller, physique of the person & nature of imminent travelling.
  4. Watch: time matters, always has & always will. Gifting a perfect traveller’s watch can be great option. Keep your travelling buddy on time, updated with the different time zones, days and (if you are really generous with the gift) hinting at right direction can also be added to the check list.
  5. Universal portable charger: caution –gifting this one can even turn your enemies into your most loyal fans! This is the master gift which has one stop solution for a lot of problems – none or just a single socket in hotel rooms, long traveling hours, dedicated Facebook profile updater, etc. Having a universal & portable charger which will not only work wonders for phone, camera, ipods, etc. it also saves time.
Besides other things you can always gift travellers are first aid kit, diary & an awesome pen (don’t forget the mightier-than-sword, most people do!) to jot down amazing traveling experiences, travel guides & maps, etc. the list is really long & can be customized to suite one’s needs & budgets.
So make someone happy this festive season.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!