Exploring cold regions in winters:

Winter has a charm of its own! Enjoying the delicate white tufts of snow in a snowfall, snuggling in warm beds with hot cup of coffee, the most awesome delicacies meant to keep your taste buds happy & your body warm from within. But the geography of the planet has been bit partial while ordaining the world with winters. So if you are also living in a place deprived of winters & wish to travel to a bone chilling, snow covered terrain, here is how you prepare for it:
  • Before leaving, first thing be prepared for delays and/or cancellations of your tickets. Sorry to put it so bluntly but in winters due to many reasons long delays, & cancellations are very common. So moral of the story- have an alternate plan or make your bookings free of season effects (road trips, buses, break journey, etc.)
  • Always be aware of the current scenario of the region. The weather reports & other news related to your destination city.
  • You are going from a warm place to a considerably cold place; hence you will have to pack your warm clothes. But always keep the biggest of your jackets & heaviest of boots on while travelling. This will save space in your luggage bag & will be convenient during the transition areas when coming from warm place you eventually start feeling cold & vice versa.
  • Do not wait to change your attire at the end of your travels – you will be forcing your body to face extreme temperatures at considerably short notice. Hence most of your energy & health cells will get busy in preparing you for the new terrain, which means immense tiredness, exhaustion & many other health issues.
  • Keep medicines for cold, fever, coughs, motion sickness, etc in your first aid, within your reach as traveling through hills & valleys often causes headache, nausea or puke.
  • Keep drinking water! Being in a cold region or not, never stop drinking water. It helps build up your immunity & your body temperature at par with your surroundings.
  • Plan your trip systematically so that you know exactly what stuff you will need & so you can avoid over packing. This will be a blessing when you have to adjust your shopping stuff also in the same baggage on your return trip.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!