New Year Resolution: To Personally Experience At Least 5 New Cities This Year

On the occasion of a new beginning, what is better than making plans for not only improving your life but also making yourself happy? We say- absolutely nothing. And this only gets better when you add travelling in the list. In fact we suggest, for having awesome life experiences & happiness, explore new lands. We are not asking you to be Columbus & sail off in search of the unknown, no sir – all we are asking you to do is pack your bags & just go explore about distant cities, know about the people living there, their cultures, traditions, history and do this for at least 5 distant cities in a year!
So how to really explore a city that it makes you rich in experience by the time you are done with the travels? Here is a convenient sequence to explore a new city in the best way:
  • Museum: It’s amazing to start where it all began. No please, not the big bang theory, we meant the history of the place you are visiting. The first day of your arrival you can always spare few lazy hours inside a museum & learn about the early days of the place. Benefits of this one are great –
    1. You get to know the early culture of the place, hence you can relate to the current traditions & rituals taking place in the area.
    2. Secondly, you get to know the specialty of the place – the things to look out for, the must-visit places around the area & probably the places you can skip, if you are on tight schedule.
  • Local diners: To enjoy the delicacies in their most authentic form while learning more about the culture of the place, local diners are the best place.
  • Night life: It is rightly said that the charm of a place is truly witnessed in the fall of night. Every city has its own unique night life style which definitely explains a lot about the youth & modern culture of the place.
  • Monuments/ natural beauty: Explore & enjoy the beauty of the place, what makes it special and well-known. You can hire a local guide to show you around or you can get a personalized guide – travel book or app & enjoy the place in your solitary company.
  • Market: the fun of shopping unique stuff which acts both as beautiful souvenirs & useful products as well.
Above all don’t forget to interact with the local people & experiencing everything unique of the area, after all attempting something new is what makes remarkable memories.

Travel safe. Happy travelling.