A Trip To Discover Yourself –Travel to Ladakh

Image courtesy: www.facebook.com/academyofstoners 

The land so barren and the passes so high, that only the worst of enemies or the best friends would visit 
this land…
(Ladakhi quote)

The feeling of being a wanderer by day, a camper by dusk and a star gazer by dawn, if you ever wanted to experience a life like this, then heading to Ladakh should be on top of your list. Ladakh – the paradise situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, lies between the Kunlun mountain range in the north surrounded by the main Great Himalayas in the south. Capable of making any individual feel so insignificant and small, that if ever, you wished to realize the vastness of the world, Ladakh is the place indeed.
The blissful location, situated at an altitude of 3500 mt. above sea level is the highest elevated city in India. And despite being such a parched land, Ladakh has a great diversity of birds — a total of 225 species recorded till date.
With Tibetan monasteries and fabulously ‘cool’ monks, it is but impossible not to realize where the place gets its charm and peace from. The air of this place has a naturally serene sense of enlightment and makes you feel closer to the creator. With stunning architectural views of Thikse Monastery, Leh Palace & Shanti Stupa, individuals will find themselves doubly blessed- with the amazing views as well as surrealistic peace of mind. The natural beauty of this place is simply heavenly. With so many valleys & mounts to explore, tourists and travelers usually prefer to head on their own in search of rarer sights & more stunning scenery. Bike rides, cabs, horses and yaks make travelling an interesting adventure in this part of the country.
Besides the spiritual experience, if you wish to have some extreme fun at such an extreme location – activities like river rafting, trekking & mountain climbing are available to add to your adventure. Different people have different reasons to go to Ladakh, but they all have same reaction when they return – overwhelmed by nature’s vastness & beauty. So when are you planning to experience the thrill & enlightment of such an irresistible setting?

Travel safe. Happy travelling.