Dive in the fun of travelling – Scuba Diving!

Ever fancied swimming along with exotic fishes, exploring freely underwater the unique & enchanting treasures of sea? When it comes to making your holidays memorable, we assure you nothing comes close to an unusual & thrilling experience like scuba diving!
Basically, in scuba diving, the individual carries a cylinder of compressed oxygen with him or her, instead of just holding breath or getting air pumped from the surface – which provides various obvious restrictions under water. Scuba diving allows people to become the part of the underwater world, even if it is (seemingly) for a brief moment. Scuba diving requires training, hence after a brief training session; you can simply plunge in the ocean & enjoy the time of your life!
If you wish to travel across globe, there are many exotic locations which due to their natural positioning & settings provide amazing underwater diving experience, few international places are:
  • Red Sea, Egypt
  • Costa Rica
  • Gili Island, Indonesia,
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Hawaii
However, if you do not wish to travel so far to experience something as remarkable as scuba diving, then we have at your service – breathtakingly gorgeous locations right here, in India where you can enjoy & experience this ultimate thrill! You would be amazed to know that the sheer variety of the marine life adds to the ecstasy and some enviable adventure destinations serve as the perfect base for adventure holiday in India.
Goa:Attractive corals, coloured and beautiful, shells and fishes all offer excellent exploration. The underwater visibility in Goa ranges from5-10 meters throughout the tourist season. And since the waters in Goa are safe and temperate along with the absence of riptide currents, it makes the waters ideal for beginners.
Andaman: Offers clear, warm water with one of the largest variety of coral and fish life anywhere on the planet! Also, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the few undiscovered gems that have escaped the clutches of mass tourism, hence no rush & crowd, just the serene experience of underwater world. Best time to visit is from June to September.
Lakshwadeep: Consisting of 36 small islands, this group of islands is blessed with white coral sands, crystal clear water and rich marine flora of the Arabian Sea. The Natural coral reef, blue lagoons, delicate marine life-it is a definite must-experience for all. Best time to visit is November to May.

Travel safe. Happy travelling!