Heart Driven Journey

The New Year has just begun and like previous times- people promised themselves the changes they desired. Resolutions were made, lists jotted down and plans scheduled. But we all know what happens next. After few days of the old routine, some where the idea of change starts quivering, people start questioning their own need of things they desired & planned for. After all, they in fact are doing just fine without going after their so-called dreams.
True, what difference can fulfilling a mere heartfelt wish make – besides making you really happy, finding joy in your everyday simple life & feeling blessed, absolutely nothing. These are not the important things we need, success is what society demands for, and competition is what we should be prepared for. But has our lives really got confined to such narrow aims? Is corporate success, office parties & social status the only assets one should work & live for?
Pick up the lists made, and re-connect the plans you made. You wish to travel the world but you can’t find time to go your society park. Well, here’s a little secret – it’s all about your priorities. If you want to do something, you will find a way and if not, well, you’ll find an excuse. Grant yourself some difficult but heartfelt wishes today, so that your future self can be thankful for. Everyone is replaceable in professional world, but when it comes to your personal life – no one can be better at being you than you.
Words can only inspire you far enough to think, but putting your thoughts into actions is totally your call. This New Year, make more time for your family, friends & most importantly yourself. Do more of what makes you happy, travel places which totally amaze you, meet people totally different & in the midst of all this you may be lucky enough to find a better version of yourself. After all, Mark Twain has rightly said –
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.

Travel safe. Happy Travelling!